carnauba wax

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hard yellowish to brownish wax from leaves of the carnauba palm used especially in floor waxes and polishes

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Table 94: Brazilian Market for Carnauba Wax (2004): Percentage Breakdown of Exports for Europe, US, Japan and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-67 Competitive Scenario in Floor Waxes Market - Historic Review III-67
2]/day 46 33 40 Table 3--compound recipes for extrusion trials conducted at NFM Iddon Ingredient VTR-9209 B-202/ B-600 VTR-9209 100 -- Precompound of Viton B-202E-600 -- 100 Magnesium oxide 3 3 Calcium hydroxide 6 6 N-990 carbon black 15 15 N-772 carbon black 10 10 Carnauba wax 0.
Coatings containing beeswax were more effective in inhibiting enzymatic browning than coatings containing carnauba wax.
Polymers: EVAC copolymer A -- 85[degrees]C -- melt index 400, EVAC copolymer AA --85[degrees]C -- melt index 250, EVAC copolymer B -- 105[degrees]C, EVAC copolymer C -- 120[degrees]C, EVAC copolymer D -- 124[degrees]C, carnauba wax -- from Michelman, Inc.
Process aids like Vanfre VAM, VPA #3 and Carnauba wax are effective in promoting part release.
Spray n Shine(TM), an automotive waterless wash and wax, is a spray-on application designed to detail between 4-6 cars or 8-10 motorcycles without the use of water, leaving a finishing coat of Carnauba wax.
INGREDIENTS WT% Petrolatum 36 Organic beeswax (Cera Alba) 10 Sweet almond oil (HallStar) (Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil) 14 Carnauba wax (Copernicia cerifera cera) 7 Candelilla wax (Candelilla Cera) 6 Shea butter-Ultra Refined (HallStar) (Butyrospermum parkii) 10 Sal butter (HallStar) (Shorea robusta seed butter) Lanolin 5 5 (Sodium benzoate) Tea tree oil (HallStar) (Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil) 2.
00 Products, LLC) (Organic coconut oil) Certified Organic Carnauba Wax (Strahl & Pitsch) 2.
Ethyihexyl methoxycinnamate 7 Benzophenone-3 3 Ethyihexyl salicylate 3 Canola oil (and) silica (and) zea mays(corn)starch 20 Aloe vera 4 Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil (and) zea mays 2 (corn) starch Canola oil 38 NF cetyl alcohol 15 Carnauba wax
Another type of wax that goes into Modern Materials' base wax is carnauba wax, which comes from the underside of the palm leaves on the Copernice Cerfera tree (called "Tree of Life") from the village of Ceara in northeastern Brazil.
00 Chemicals) (Beeswax) Carnauba wax (Ruger Chemicals) 4.
Food-grade mold-release agents include silicone, paintable, Hi-Line for styrenes, Krytox, zinc stearate, Teflon, lecithin, and carnauba wax.
00 Carnauba wax prime yellow (Strahl & Pitsh) 3.
Beeswax, carnauba wax and castor oil plant wax are bound into perfectly round pearls that gently massage the skin, relieving it of dead skin and supporting circulation.