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Synonyms for carload

a gathering of passengers sufficient to fill an automobile

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the amount of cargo that can be held by a boat or ship or a freight car

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traffic for the first 49 weeks of 2014 was 27,066,801 carloads and intermodal units, up 4.
GWI's traffic in March 2010 was 74,923 carloads, an increase of 4,820 carloads, or 6.
GWI's traffic in May 2012 was 78,536 carloads, a decrease of 3,783 carloads, or 4.
Represents intermodal units ** Includes carloads and intermodal units
Excluding October 2011 and November 2011 carloads totaling 15,174 from the FreightLink Acquisition(1), which closed December 1, 2010, and 3,856 carloads from AZER in the fourth quarter of 2011, same-railroad traffic in the fourth quarter of 2011 decreased 953 carloads, or 0.
GWI's traffic in November 2011 was 80,454 carloads, an increase of 7,089 carloads, or 9.
The carloads in this press release include 1,328 carloads in October 2011 and 1,418 carloads in October 2010 from the Huron Central Railway (HCRY).
GWI's traffic in September 2011 was 83,608 carloads, an increase of 9,837 carloads, or 13.
These decreases were partially offset by a 6,353 carload increase in farm & food products traffic.
The increase was principally due to a 2,101 carload increase in coal & coke traffic, primarily in GWI's Illinois Region, and a 1,577 carload increase in GWI's other commodity group traffic, primarily due to increased overhead coal shipments in GWI's New York/Ohio/Pennsylvania Region.
These decreases were partially offset by a 3,377 carload increase in farm & food products traffic and a 2,110 carload increase in coal, coke & ores traffic.
These increases were partially offset by a 1,792 carload decrease in metals traffic.
GWI's traffic in January 2009 from continuing operations was 72,015 carloads, an increase of 7,851 carloads, or 12.
GWI's traffic in April 2011 was 82,190 carloads, an increase of 8,982 carloads, or 12.
GWI's traffic in December 2008 from continuing operations was 70,555 carloads, an increase of 8,747 carloads, or 14.