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the violent theft of an occupied car

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The victim of the carjacking later identified Jorgensen, who was taken into custody.
Grab has reported to authorities at least six confirmed cases of carjacking incidents involving Grab Cars - these involved criminals posing as legitimate passengers.
The legislation, developed in close consultation with Victoria Police, will include tough new penalties and statutory minimum sentences for aggravated carjacking and aggravated home invasion.
Two men in their 20s and one aged 19 were arrested in connection with the carjacking.
James Bishop, 24, and Jennifer Keane, 29, were arrested Tuesday after a carjacking downtown.
Michael Aron, the UK's ambassador to Libya, wrote on Twitter: "There was an attempted carjacking on a British Embassy convoy this morning.
About 10 incidents of carjacking took place in February and March, the report said, adding that the carjackers had snatched Fortuner, Swift Desire and Innova cars.
Boyce then got out of the car and pulled several rifles from a truck he drove to the parking lot before the carjacking, placing them in the victim's car.
The carjacking, although apparently not specifically targeted at the bank chief, marks a continued wave of crime in Egypt, which has worsened since the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011 .
BEIRUT: A gunpoint carjacking left five women stranded in Gemmayzeh at 2 a.
Brigham then ran around trying to carry out another nude carjacking.
According to police statistics, there have been about 10,600 incidences of carjacking in South Africa last year, down from a high of 14,900 in 2008.
Cedric Brown, who had been on the run since a brutal knife attack in 2010, was cornered by police in Birmingham following a carjacking.
A DRUG addict burglar who subjected a mum and her four-year-old daughter to a terrifying carjacking ordeal as they travelled to school has been jailed for a total of 10 years.
Dr Raghavjee also died during a carjacking but the case reportedly remains open.