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a shrub of the genus Carissa having fragrant white flowers and plumlike red to purple-black fruits

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Then she looked inside the gym bag to make sure Carissa had her bar grips and plenty of tape.
A native Rhode Islander, Carissa has a passion for helping people.
But I also knew that Carissa was shy and not the kind of girl who likes attention.
When Carissa knows she's winning, her eyes narrow and a look of glee floods her face.
PINOY CRAFTSMANSHIP In her latest collection, Carissa makes use of brass and crystals for her clutches and statement necklaces.
Carissa said she had been smoking pot and downing vodka when she was invited to the rapper's room.
Carissa told yesterday how she has sent her dad a letter in jail saying: "You've confessed before, why not confess again?
As part of this ongoing screening of medicinal plants of Bangladesh for possible antinociceptive effects, the objective of the present study was to evaluate the methanolic extract of leaves of Annona reticulata and Carissa carandas for gastric pain (as manifested by writhings) inhibitory activity in Swiss albino mice following intraperitoneal administration of acetic acid.
With: Cheryl Haworth, Sheila Hawotth, Bob Haworth, Katie Haworth, Beth Haworth, Carissa Gump, Michael Cohen.
Abstract: The Purpose of this study was to examine the lipid lowering activity of aqueous: ethanol (1:1) extract of Carissa carandas in Egg yolk induced hyperlipidemic rats.
Carissa Hads posed as 17-year-old boy named James Puryear Wilson to have sex with teenage girl (Smoking Gun/Facebook)
Carissa looked like a movie star or a singer, some type of chanteuse.
Dr Carissa Elieen, Assistant Director-General for Health Systems and Services in the World Health Organization, sent a thanking letter to Dr Hanif Hassan Ali, UAE Minister of Health, saying: "On behalf of the WHO Health Systems Department, we would like to express our warm appreciation for the initiatives of the United Arab Emirates and the Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center to the organisation of the 11th Safety Injection Global Network (SIGN).
Todd and Carissa Neimeyer, the entrepreneurs behind the new business, own Neimeyer Properties, which operates nine rental properties in the area.