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a native or inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro

music composed for dancing the carioca

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a lively ballroom dance that resembles the samba

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Desse total 185 foram classificados como nulo, 50 como pertencentes a categoria pioneira, 45 como industrial e 35 enquanto cariocas do brejo.
Cariocas and e-Brands today unveiled details of a long-term agreement, under which e-Brands will deploy Cariocas' Active Consumer Marketing software platform across the family of Vivendi Universal Internet properties to help attract new customers, strengthen customer loyalty, and yield increased revenue.
And San Francisco-based Cariocas moved development staff to lower-cost Linux workstations running Ximian software, including Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange 2000.
Cariocas today also unveiled a new long-term customer agreement with eBrands, a Vivendi Universal Group portfolio company.
Cariocas will flood Copacabana Beach to make candlelight offerings to sea goddess Lemanja as New Year's fireworks explode over the bay.
Like many start ups, we need to get the most 'bang for the buck' from our technology investments," said Daniel Curry, IT manager at San Francisco-based Cariocas.
Visit the city that dances until dawn with Tourlite's seven-day Cariocas Experience to Rio de Janeiro from $799 per person / double occupancy.
CePlage et shopping comme le faisait dans les annees soixante une certaine Brigitte Bardot qui a, depuis, sa statue et son nom sur le bord de mer frequente par les Cariocas aises.
Although he was born in Sao Paulo and shot his most renowned film--Cabra marcado para morrer (Man Marked to Die, 1964-84), released in the anglophone world as Twenty Years Later--in Brazil's rural northeast, he spent much of his career eliciting and recording in film and video the thoughts and attitudes of a wide spectrum of Cariocas, as the residents of his adopted hometown of Rio de Janeiro are called.
The spending would benefit ordinary Cariocas, which is how Rio residents are known.
Alongside Cariocas, Frutarom's Brazilian Range includes Chimichurri, a concept inspired by one of the most popular South American condiments that contains coarse chopped herbs, coriander leaf and lemon.
In his autobiography, he mentioned the movie's cariocas (Rio natives), who "sang and danced and strummed guitars like carefree birds in colorful plumage.
Cariocas do not like cloudy days: communication, consumption and lifestyle according to FARM