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Synonyms for caring

Synonyms for caring

a loving feeling

feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others

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I am both honored and humbled to follow in the footsteps of Hy-Vee's great leaders, including the man who has caringly mentored me for the past eight years, Ric Jurgens.
A spanking new hospital can have all the sophisticated equipment in the world and be splendidly furnished but all this counts for nothing if the people of Birmingham, whom this hospital exists to serve, are not treated efficiently, caringly and with respect and dignity.
We are very grateful for all the kind words and help we received as we were very caringly guided through the service by the Reverend's Susan Kent and Philip Greenhalgh, along with the support of the Reverend's Brenda Bloomfield and Andrew Cromarty.
Being able to step caringly across boundaries and roles in a variety of situations, share common worldviews, and bring hope and encouragement are some of the things that make the parish minister an important part of the fabric of society.
But just as the director so caringly switched sides of a World War II battlefield for "Letters from Iwo Jima" after "Flags of Our Fathers," Eastwood's "J.
to transcend the flux of time, but rather, in a peculiar sense to let us feel it more deeply, more fully, more caringly, and perhaps, even, to celebrate it" (136).
Poor you', said Talmits, turned round, unpacked Kil's basket of sweet potatoes, cooked the sweet potatoes for her nieces, and put two plates in front of them, caringly and carefully, and with an exaggerated downward-outward circling of her arm.
And it makes "The Original Grease" a treat, enjoyable in its own right and just plain fascinating as a caringly reconstituted and worthy relic, reclaiming the reality of its characters.
In Missouri there are 94 trail segments caringly maintained by those who have adopted them.
He then caringly recommends that Muslims should work in collaboration with "like-thinking believers of other religions" so as to dispel this grossly erroneous, negative image about Islam because "Muslims could no longer assume Islam's peace-oriented nature as self-evident, and Muslims could no longer try to 'go it alone' in today's world" (153).
Georgios Pouros, the secretary of the municipal council, was clearly distraught about the damage, complaining to reporters that for three years now he had been caringly tending to his saplings.
These items include: (1) We have a sharing relationships with our foreign partner, (2) we can discuss the difficulties in cooperation and know that our concern would be addressed with our foreign partner, (3) we would feel a sense of loss if we did no longer cooperate with the foreign partner, (4) the foreign partners would respond constructively and caringly to our concern about cooperation, (5) our partner and we have both made considerable emotional investments in our cooperation.
Bills had knelt before her and caringly examined her foot.
He would always have preferred you not notice so much or that you never mentioned just how solidly, brightly and caringly he turned that wheel, always for the better.