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Synonyms for carinate

birds having keeled breastbones for attachment of flight muscles

having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship

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pterygocercus, distal tips of pectines not extending past distal ends of coxa IV in females, and distal ends of trochanter IV in males; pectine teeth: males 42-48 (n = 41 combs), females 29-35 (n = 48 combs); (3) caparace and tergites with coarser granules and stronger carination than in A.
The only other late vessel form identified, in much fewer numbers, was a carinated vessel that invariably displayed incised decoration above the carination.
Carination of sternite VII: This has never been used previously in Ananteris, but is herein used to assist the diagnosis of A.
It has a globular base, a soft carination and slightly incurving sides.
A truncated biconical clay whorl with rounded carination and straight sides is fixed by corrosion below the midpoint of the metal shaft, with the wide flat terminal uppermost (FIGURE 1).
In some cases, soft clay had been smoothed over the carination on the exterior which seemed to obscure a join between the lower and upper parts of the vessel.