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having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship

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Clark recovered examples of identical Carinated Broadly Grooved ware at Dundo airfield in north-east Angola in the 1960s (Clark 1968: 201, nos.
All of the material is compatible with an Early Aurignacian mode of production, on carinated cores with a large front, struck axially.
The major shapes in this ware type are narrow-mouthed, globular jars and medium-sized, carinated handis.
The latter is dominated by backed blades and bladelets and does not contain any carinated cores.
Furthermore, while it may be true to say that the precise point of origin for the Carinated Bowl ceramic tradition has not yet been pinpointed, we are closer to locating it than Fraser implies (Sheridan 2010).
Propodeum with areolate sculpture, lateral and median propodeal carinae present, transversely carinated in the region comprised between the lateral carinae (Fig.
In terms of other lithic specimens diagnostic of the IUP, end scrapers, carinated scrapers and burins at SDG 1 occur in higher frequencies compared to SDG 2, and carinated scrapers were not found at the latter locality (for examples of end scrapers at SDG 2, see Gao et al.
Jaffa: Rauchberger 2010 (red-slipped carinated bowl, imitation of Assyrian ware).
While Engle's specimens have apparently been lost (Unger 1978), he did provide a detailed description in which he stated that the rostrum was carinated and the first pair of abdominal appendages had free tips that were "long and slender, not recurve.
Animal of moderate size, up to 27x 14 mm, moderately elevated, back evenly arched, not carinated, valves not beaked.
Contributors include evidence from sites in such topics as the situational behavior of the British Lower Paleolithic, truncated and faceted pieces from Jerf al-Ajla, cores-on-flakes from the Levantine Mousterian, the subtleties found in truncated and faceted pieces, carinated tools and cores and their relation to mobility, lithic barbs from Portugal's Upper Paleolithic, core-tool technologies of the early Holocene and tardiglacial periods, stone assemblages of arid Australia, materials approaches in classification, behavioral causes and archeological effects of lithic recycling, alternative typologies, and the cores, tools and priorities of lithic analysis.
It may also reflect resistance against an--allegedly--outdated notion of 'pots equal people'; for Britain this would be the Carinated Bowl horizon (pp.
carinated cups with certain rim shapes and straight-sided bowls) traditionally associated with Middle Assyrian influence or occupation would he present in Level 7, a claim made in chapters IV (pp.
979) reported this species from New Caledonia and illustrated a shell with a more angulated periphery but still not as carinated as illustrated here.