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Synonyms for carinate

birds having keeled breastbones for attachment of flight muscles

having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship

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Propodeum with posterior vertical surface not carinate and without carinate lateral crests (Fig.
5 mm Shape of staminate sepals Ovate-acuminate Narrowly triangular, carinate Length of staminate sepals 2-3 mm 1-2 mm Length of staminate petals 4-7 mm 2.
3 times longer than penultimate segment, tapering distally, with some spines distally; lateral surface of ultimate segment longitudinally carinate, with row of stiff setae; cross section trigonal; antepenultimate segment flattened dorsoventrally, with numerous heavily plumose setae on margins and with prominent cluster of long setulose setae on low elevation at proximomesial part; coxa with large, bilobed epipod; no strap-like process on epipod.
His entire septet - Thara Memory, trumpet; Warren Rand, alto sax; Remota Carinate, tenor sax; Gordon Lee, piano; Andre St.
The bluffs above the swamp are the only known home of the carinate pill snail, a species once thought extinct.
11) Inner margins of the antennal sockets distinctly carinate (2); slightly carinate (1); not carinate (0).
5/7; eyes stalked and directed anterolaterally; postocular lobes sinuately converging to constricted neck; vertex with a carinate ridge laterally delimited by longitudinal grooves; rostrum arising from a slitlike atrium, shorter than head, lateral margins of rostral groove beset with a fringe of stiff setae.
All legs distinctly carinate and [+ or -] trapezoidal in cross-section with the dorsal carinae converging (females in particular); only with a few very small lobules or teeth in males and armed with [+ or -] distinct dentate or foliaceous lobes in females (dorsal carinae of mid and hind legs in particular).
It is characterised by a sharp-sided metasoma with more or less no discernible laterotergites on the anterior six segments, by the flat and strong laterally carinate scutellum, and by the flattened mesopleuron.
Inflorescence broadly capitate, simple, umbellate, apex nearly flat, sunk in the center of the rosette, 8-9 cm long (excluding the petals), 9-12 mm in diameter, 56 to 65-flowered; floral bracts entire to remotely denticulate at the apex, green, membranaceous, distinctly nerved, longitudinally sulcate mainly near the apex, sparsely to subdensely white-lepidote outside, glabrous inside, the outer ones resembling the involucral bracts, ecarinate, slightly exceeding the ovary, the inner ones narrowly ovate-lanceolate to sublinear-lanceolate, acuminate, ecarinate or bearing a protruded central nerve and appearing carinate, 45-60 x 8-20 mm, slightly exceeding the ovary.
3I, K) inserted into obscure cuplike receptacles on anterior margins of propodi; distal ends of meri sparsely setose; bases of posterior pereopods carinate.
Pronotal dorsal ridge strongly carinate to pronotal lobe, dorsolateral angle protuberant and distinctly acutely angled (thereby forming a small dorsolateral projection or tubercle: Fig.