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a keel-shaped constellation in the southern hemisphere

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any of various keel-shaped structures or ridges such as that on the breastbone of a bird or that formed by the fused petals of a pea blossom

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An article by the Scientific American stated that most of the astrophysicists were of the belief that Eta Carinae would not produce a GRB.
The brightest star in the sketch is eta Carinae, on the edge of a prominent dark nebula nicknamed the "Keyhole".
T1 with three rather robust longitudinal carinae, laterally slightly pubescent and with a few long setae.
The submedian and lateral carinae of sternite VII are obsolete in the holotype, and on the adult female a pair of vestigial lateral carinae are present, and the submedian carinae are also obsolete.
Segments 1-5 strongly sclerotized dorsally, anterotransverse carinae distinct, each prescutum with an additional anterior carina, numerous small sensilla with four longer hair-like sensilla, spiracles near each anterolateral tergal margin; AB6 strongly sclerotized dorsally, laterally, and ventrolateral; ventral membranous area narrow, spiracles opening laterally at or near the dorso-pleural line distant from obscure lateral margin of turgum, carinae and chaetotaxy as on segments 1-5; segment 7 completely sclerotized.
The most famous example is Eta Carinae, a star 7,500 light-years from Earth which, for a brief time in the mid-1800s, unleashed into space a shell of gas 10 times the mass of the sun and became the second-brightest star in the night sky.
Melody Green, Colin Harvey, and Tanya Carinae Pell Jones all explore more extended concepts of form, showing how Gaiman is at once parodic and bardic, and features various slippages and contact zones, which Greene faithfully analyzes in light of Bakhtinian dialogism.
Using these gas signatures Kafka and her team-Kent Honeycutt of Indiana University and Bob Williams of the Space Telescope Science Institute-were able to identify a binary star called QU Carinae as a possible supernova progenitor.
Propodeal carinae divergent, area between carinae about as long as its posterior width.
The northernmost tip of the Diamond Cross is pegged by this open cluster and its luminary, theta Carinae.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- Eta Carinae is a binary system containing the most luminous and massive star within 10,000 light-years.
Carinae found the opposition too hot in the Peugeot Lowther Stakes at the August meeting here when sixth to the brilliant Queen's Logic, but she will be more at home in the Listed Newton Fund Managers Rockingham Stakes.
But it was wonderful to be finally underway after all the months of preparation, buying our 30ft steel boat the Alpha Carinae, ordering the supplies from the UK.
10, 30); posterior margin of pronotum projected posteriorly at the midline, bearing a median carina and 1+1 less-developed, lateral carinae.