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Synonyms for carillon

set of bells hung in a bell tower

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playing a set of bells that are (usually) hung in a tower

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The Ground Is Good' is the title of an exhibition on show inside the Modern Painters, New Decorators art gallery at Carillon Court Shopping Centre in Loughborough.
Theres something very special about gathering with your family and friends on New Years Eve at the foot of the beautiful Carillon, sharing resolutions, laughter, ringing bells and enjoying the music of City Carillonneur Tim Sleep.
Scout and Reams join the Carillon Tower Advisers family of affiliate partners, which includes ClariVest Asset Management, Cougar Global Investments and Eagle Asset Management.
Designed by National Artist Juan Nakpil, the Carillon towers 130 feet, which is used as a standard for all other structures around, meaning none are supposed to exceed its height.
As an assistant professor who arrived at Michigan in 2015, Ng has carved out a reputation as both a master teacher of carillon and an international performer of the rare instrument that has at least 23 bells, is usually housed in a tower and is played from a keyboard and pedalboard.
Eagle Asset Management, ClariVest Asset Management and Cougar Global Investments are current affiliates of Carillon Tower, which performs sales, distribution and other services for these boutique asset management firms.
The carillon, believed to be one of only a few in the Diocese of Leeds, had been out of order for 45 years - but it has now been restored.
NCA Chief Executive, Malcolm Snow, stated that the Carillon had received a number of upgrades over the years, with the most recent works occurring almost 15 years ago.
The Carillon device is a percutaneous mitral annuloplasty treatment option that can be deployed rapidly and safely, utilizing standard interventional techniques.
We want to go back to work," Momo, a member of the family that owns Le Carillon, said to the Local.
The carillon is a musical instrument situated within the Bournville Junior School.
This is the mesmerising sound of the Bournville Carillon, a musical instrument situated within Bournville Junior School.
BOURNVILLE'S famous Carillon will ring out on Christmas Eve as part of a worldwide event to mark the centenary of the 1914 First World War truce.
com)-- Cushman & Wakefield's Florida Multifamily Advisory Group announced today the sale of Promenade at Carillon in St.
Joyful Sound and the Carillon Ringers are the youth choirs.