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soft decayed area in a tooth

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Cox-proportional hazard algorithm was used to measure the association of environmental tobacco smoke with dental caries at multivariable level.
It was also observed that socioeconomic factors are considered to be a strong risk factor for school children caries.
Methods: Subjects' caries risk was assessed using the Cariogram programme.
Group 1 consisted of children suffering from dental caries and was comprised of 60 patients.
gression to arrested caries is the protective formaC.
A very extensive and comprehensive National Health Survey conducted in 2004 throughout India had observed that the prevalence of dental caries was 51.
Dental Caries signs and symptoms are depending on their extent and location.
Entre los diferentes factores de riesgo de caries segun Abanicar (4), el pH salival tiene positiva correlacion entre los valores de ingesta de carbohidratos y los de higiene de los diferentes grupos sociales.
Dentro de estas alteraciones se mencionan xerostomia, cambios patologicos en los tejidos bucales, caries dental, enfermedad periodontal, candidiasis y cambios en los componentes salivales.
Silver diamine fluoride presents a noninvasive option for caries arrest and treatment when applied directly to dentin caries lesions
In view of addressing the demand for this need, this study was undertaken with the objectives to determine the prevalence of dental caries among the school-going children in Tumkur district, Karnataka, India, and the factors associating dental caries.
The International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS) Foundation and its Global Collaboratory for Caries Management (GCCM) have announced two new applications that are available to dental professionals and patients free of charge to help achieve better early caries prevention by using the International Caries Classification and Management System[TM] (ICCMS[TM]).
Objective: To find the frequency/pattern of Early Childhood caries (ECC) and to find out the relationship of different risk factors with ECC.
2) La caries dental es la enfermedad cronica infantil mas comun.