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Synonyms for caricature

Synonyms for caricature

a false, derisive, or impudent imitation of something

to copy (the manner or expression of another), especially in an exaggerated or mocking way

Synonyms for caricature

represent in or produce a caricature of


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Tambem a materialidade verbal (conjunto de enunciados) que se associa a imagem caricatural de Lula, reafirma essa construcao.
Unlike Picasso's female figures, lady Demon is not an expression of sensual perception and feeling but a tender, invented figure whose old-maidish bearing, enormous hat, button eyes and upturned nose lend her a somewhat caricatural air.
The "scriptist thistle," in MacDiarmid's caricatural poetics, reveals its roots in the "thistle blazon of the folk tradition.
The problem with this, apart from the basic condescension it implies--Berlinski sniffily lets it be known that she has "standardized the punctuation" of another of her correspondents, which rather cancels out the favor--is that a nuanced rather than a caricatural account of the British class system is essential to getting a grip on what Thatcher actually achieved and how she achieved it.
Ce faisant, il a dresse contre lui tous les pouvoirs de son temps, qui ont reussi a le vaincre et meme a leguer a une majorite d'intellectuels et d'universitaires de la seconde moitie du XXe siecle le portrait caricatural qu'ils avaient peint de lui.
Evidence that Peace Now has seriously analyzed these risk-benefit tradeoffs would do more to advance the cause of peace than caricatural labeling of fellow peace-seeking Jews.
What's on offer is not searching realistic drama but finely-honed character studies verging on the caricatural but touched with poignancy.
40), humorous maps should be considered a compelling medium to generate critical perspectives on maps and caricatural cartography.
Arguably, such British cartoons were associating the top-hat with caricatural Jews in order to underscore its being preposterous that Jews should be integrated into the social position that the top-hat symbolised.
Secondary pairs such as the Halls in Wedding Fever and Family Fever demonstrate in simple caricatural style the pattern of the dominant wife and the hen-pecked husband: Patrick Hall is interested only in food and drink, and is allowed little of it by his forceful wife, a person more interested in power than pleasure.
The melodramatic dying of Player is not the genuine representation of death: it only represents, in a caricatural way, its external signs.
It depicts the adventures of what can only be described as a walking piece of sushi with "Zen powers" in the vein of old-school kung-fu movies, complete with caricatural Japanese voiceovers.
L'adoption d'un angle dichotomique et un peu caricatural n'empeche cependant pas l'auteur d'exposer habilement les tenants et les aboutissants de nombreux developpements dans divers secteurs de la scene metropolitaine ou s'entremelent les debats et les actions menees par les acteurs des secteurs prive et public.
Since that date scholars in other fields may not have reached consensus on a new paradigm, but they at least seem to have agreed not to structure every discussion around this by-now caricatural opposition.
We have less of the brisk, summery carnival driven by the wide cast of caricatural characters (as in Small World), and fewer implausibly impeccable place/time coincidences (as in the "Legionnaire's disease" scare saving Rodney Wainwright at the podium from 223 pages of writer's block [306]).