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In continental tundra, caribou populations also seem to be regulated by food.
In the boreal forest, the carrying capacity for caribou is not precisely known.
Caribou densities in the boreal forest (1-3 per 100 [km.
The necessity for caribou to adopt avoidance strategies of both predators and other ungulates in order to survive is now recognized by the scientific community (Bergerud et al.
In this study, we built a deterministic model that mimicked the relationships between moose, wolves, and caribou and then simulated how variation in hunting of caribou and moose and in wolf trapping could influence caribou abundance.
According to the model, in the absence of wolves, the moose and caribou populations are regulated by food competition and follow a logistic equation ([N.
The image of caribou strolling through a mountain forest clashes with the more commonly held notion of these ungulates thundering across the open tundra of the far north.
Woodland caribou rely on this odd association of algae and fungus to provide them with enough energy to make it through the long winter.
This seasonal migration pattern creates unique challenges for agencies whose mandate is to manage what's left of caribou habitat.
From the air, much of the Selkirk Mountains looks like a patchwork quilt of huge clearcuts, and woodland caribou are but one species imperiled by the loss of old-growth forests here.
The USFS uses management standards written back in 1987 to "guide the preparation of silvicultural prescription necessary to provide the seasonal habitat within identified caribou habitat.
To help land-management agencies maintain habitat, Allen Johnson created a model to help predict the suitability of forest areas as present or future caribou range.