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Russian Cargo Vessel to Bring Supplies to ISS After Falcon 9 Rocket Failure
The ferry was struck by the cargo vessel yesterday, Rescue teams were deployed and passing boats were helping.
The ferry was struck by the cargo vessel at the Daulatdia-Paturia crossing on the Padma River on Sunday afternoon, said fire department official Shahzadi Begum.
Thomas Aquinas that sank after colliding with cargo vessel M/V Sulpicio Express 7 on Friday evening in the Mactan Channel in Cebu Province.
In a statement, 2Go said the ferry "was reportedly hit" by the cargo vessel "resulting in major damage that led to its sinking.
STAR, bulk carrier CAPT ORE, container vessel HYUNDAI FREEDOM, general cargo vessel LE CHANG, container vessel LINDAIVIA, bulk carrier SPL SARA, container vessel INDIA EXPRESS, tanker HIGH FORCE, vehicle carrier SIRIUS LEADER and container vessel CAPTAIN COSTAS.
The cargo vessel is scheduled to dock with the ISS on Wednesday March 28 and will remain attached to it until August this year.
The Russian Ambassador has thanked the crew of the RAF Search and Rescue Flight, which included Prince William, for their attempts to rescue the crew of a sinking Russian cargo vessel this weekend.
about 110 miles south of the commercial hub and main Nigerian port Lagos, comes two days after pirates on two boats in the same stretch of water fired shots at a different cargo vessel and chased it for 25 minutes before giving up, the website said.
Mumbai, Aug 6 (ANI): Mumbai Police on Saturday arrested the captain and chief engineer of the cargo vessel MV Rak, which sank off the Mumbai coast on Thursday.
Crew members of that ship do not suspect them, thinking it to be a cargo vessel coming their way.
Rescuers have saved the crew, security and passengers of a Panamanian cargo vessel after it sank off Yemen on Wednesday.
Earlier, the Philippine Coast Guard sent a reconnaissance aircraft to locate the ill-fated cargo vessel which sent a distress call when its engine failed to tackle heavy waves off Dos Hermanas Islands, near its destination, Cebu, in the central Philippines, on Saturday.
In order to avoid clashing with another cargo vessel, it sailed towards the Varna base of the Bulgarian Navy.
Summary: Middle East Workboats conference to debate piracy issues as German cargo vessel becomes latest casualty in Arabian Gulf