cargo helicopter

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a helicopter that carries cargo

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Cole Sautter is a Logistics Management Specialist and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Case Manager with the Security Assistance Management Directorate (SAMD) in the Cargo Helicopter Project Office of the Army's Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.
Boeing has a track record of consistently delivering on our promises on Chinook, said Steve Parker, H-47 program manager and Boeing vice president of Cargo Helicopters.
Crosby is currently serving as project manager for the Army's Cargo Helicopter Program, where he has been leading the efforts of Army Aviation to move into the digital logistics world.
The resulting "brownout situational awareness upgrade" gave utility and cargo helicopter pilots a small liquid crystal display that charted velocity vector, acceleration cues, radar altimeter height and vertical speed.
Orders received under GSA Contract include Cargo Helicopter 47
Those that "definitely can't slip" include a new maritime patrol aircraft and a new cargo helicopter for the Marine Corps.
Contract Awarded for The non-deployed field-service support for the CH-47 Fleet and the cargo helicopter project management office
Army is seeking authority for Boeing to sell its unmodified CH-47Ds to international buyers for about one-third the price of the new cargo helicopter and apply the credit toward new CH-47Fs.
Contract Awarded for The CH-47 Fleet and the cargo helicopter project management office
Right now, we have no visibility on the root cause of [component] failures," says Ted Schmidt, chief of logistics at the Aviation and Missile Command cargo helicopter program office.
Army's CH-47 cargo helicopter has been a useful air mobility asset for U.
Parker will report to Koopersmith and will remain based in Philadelphia where he currently serves as director of International Cargo Helicopter Programs; his replacement in this role will be named in the future.
Russia has provided four Mi-35M combat and cargo helicopters to Pakistan and the militaries of the two countries also held joint drills codenamed 'Friendship'.