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door used to load or unload cargo

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The cargo door area was observed to have a section missing.
SYDNEY: An Australian baggage handler had a nasty surprise when he opened the cargo door of a Qantas passenger flight to find a crocodile roaming loose in the hold, the airline said yesterday.
5-tonne helicopter into a dramatic 60ft low hover above Tower Wharf, allowing British Royal Marine, Martyn Williams to fast rope from the cargo door to the ground and hand over the torch to double gold medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes who continued the Torch Relay.
The accident was probably caused by a cargo door coming open during the flight, leading to a sudden loss of cabin pressure and damage to controls, making it impossible for the crew to regain control.
The newest aircraft features a wide main deck cargo door for easier uplift of oversized shipments and an optimised main deck floor layout which the carrier was invited to help digitally design so the aircraft can better meet the needs of Emirates' customers.
In 1989 nine people fell to their deaths from a United Airlines Boeing 747 when a cargo door was blown out.
A minor damage was caused by the loader to the cargo door of the aircraft in which the Prime Minister was scheduled to travel.
The crew descended to 300' Above Water Level, slowed to 130 KIAS, and configured the aircraft with the cargo door closed and the ramp open.
In spring 2007 the FAA issued an AD requiring that cargo doors on E-Jets be visually inspected before each flight, after a JetBlue Airways E-190's rear cargo door opened just after take-off.
The cargo door skins use an epoxy from Hexcel in Dublin, Calif.
A DELTA baggage worker got the fright of her life when she opened a jetliner's cargo door and found a cheetah running loose amid the luggage.
I saw one C-130 with its cargo door open and showing a planeload of body bags.
All I can think of in this instance is that maybe the door of the catCOs cage had not been properly secured before take off, and when the cargo door was opened in Larnaca, the cat ran out.
A cargo door across from the old freight car at the Springfield Chamber of Commerce has been pulled wide open to let in a cool summer evening breeze.
Field Aviation of Toronto, Canada, has received approval--in the form of a "type certificate" from Transport Canada--to develop an aircraft cargo door that can be opened during flight.