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(Melanesia) the followers of one of several millenarian cults that believe salvation will come in the form of wealth ('cargo') brought by westerners

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a religious cult that anticipates a time of joy, serenity, and justice when salvation comes

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In his essay on cargo cult science, Feynman described how one researcher managed with great persistence finally to obtain a reliable result in studying rats in a maze.
The idea that the economic development of any town should be based on someone else's garbage simply perpetuates the cargo cult so prevalent in many parts of rural Canada.
Though Elvira Phillpott's nephew now lives -- in Papua New Guinea and is a convert and shaman to the Cargo Cult, be once attended Sunday school here.
In this context, the liberal hope that the party could be reformed and revived seemed to fit the anthropological definition of a cargo cult.
cargo cult (originally in the Pacific Islands): a belief in the forthcoming arrival of supernatural benefactors.
Edwards' brand of cargo cult economics, in which the symptoms of prosperity are mistaken for its cause, should be shouted down from all sides.
Boro fans have been spoiled by too many cash-rich summers of speculation and substance and by our so often productive squared-eyed Sky Sports vigils, pupils locked onto the teasing yellow scrolling bar of plenty with the intensity and belief of a South Pacific cargo cult.
Let us begin by immediately refuting the Cargo cult idea with reference to the syncretic movements which preceded Nagriamel (cf.
Still, it is a startling thing to behold: Nearly 45 years after the man's tragic death, the liberal establishment remains enthralled to the cargo cult that is the John Kennedy myth.
I then observed to him that it sounded like something I was familiar with from the Sepik cargo cult.
Chapter IV Ireland and the Marshall Plan: A Cargo Cult in the North Atlantic?
Focus on post-colonial anthropological self-reflexivity, deconstruction of the notion of Cargo cult as an image of the West, rehabilitation of the Melanesian Other, dialogic discourses and narratives, are topics privileged by many of the contributors.
It is a kind of cargo cult, the artists acting as collectors of remnants and artifacts that can bring them closer to the future.
Like the answered prayers of a cargo cult, a consignment of shiny robots, pneumatic girls, and celluloid explosions landed at LA MOCA'S newest satellite gallery at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood in January 2001, as if dropped from Japanese supply planes.
These objects appear as though they had been fabricated by the bewildered members of a distant cargo cult who--in some kind of reverse anthropology--attempt to fathom advanced forms of capitalist fetishism and intensified rituals of commodity culture and private possession.