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Synonyms for carfare

the fare charged for riding a bus or streetcar


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And RSA Logistics made an impressive start to their campaign with a comfortable 34-run victory against the Carfare Group in the latest round of matches.
They didn't even give me a nickel for my carfare to the ballpark.
Thus Horowitz reproduces 1875/1918 budget studies which list working-class husbands' expenditures on tobacco, liquor, carfare, lodges, clubs, and societies, but creates no indexed category for "men as consumers" nor specifically discusses the subject of male consumption.
Grace always pressed carfare and "a safe address" into Queen's hand before meetings.
I got emergency food stamps and carfare to go on scheduled appointments.
It "fleeces children of their carfare, their lunch money, their allowances, and in some cases drives, them to crime to obtain the funds for their craze.
The milkman with whom he had rode [sic] had given him money for carfare to continue on downtown and money for his lunch.
Dubai: Imran Haider produced a hat-trick to ensure Multiplex International a place in the semi-final of the 14th Dulsco Ramadan Cricket tournament as they defeated Carfare at the Zabeel Park Cricket Ground, Zabeel Park.
Lama Group, a leading destination management company in the UAE, and Carfare, a privately-owned comprehensive mobility solution group, have signed a deal to merge the two services.
Subsequently, in just three shots, Yamazaki evolves and resolves a short-lived rift between the boys as they find themselves stranded without carfare home.
Yes, teacher is taking us to the Museum of Natural History and each one is supposed to provide his own carfare.
When he confronted one of the officials, she explained that the questions were asked in the interest of the Jewish applicants, "who all too often have been sent to places whose practice was to discriminate against them, and it simply meant a waste of time and carfare and general disillusionment for the applicant.
Carfare and Hastings's beaux-arts masterpiece, the New York Public Library, had recently opened, and Milne painted the vehicles (both horse-drawn and motorized), in front of the building, along with the crowds on the sidewalk and steps, and the elegant lions.
They know the reality is there, but they don't think for a second that you don't have a computer, a smart phone, carfare money, any of that.
He was saving for a laptop," Theresa adds, "so sometimes he would even walk home to save on carfare.