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Synonyms for caretaker

Synonyms for caretaker

a person who is legally responsible for the person or property of another considered by law to be incompetent to manage his or her affairs

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a custodian who is hired to take care of something (property or a person)

an official who performs the duties of an office temporarily

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Involve the caretaker in the planning, location, and construction of a new pool.
aWe introduced minor changes and they matched the new balance of power after the European Parliament elections in Bulgariaa Bulgariaas caretaker Prime Minister stated.
because funding was not allocated to the ministry as the Cabinet is in caretaker status," Aridi said.
Former caretaker Information Minister Arif Nizami said working in the caretaker set up was highly challenging because there was lack of coordination among the key stakeholders of the system including the Prime Minister, President and Chief Election Commissioner.
Former Prince Albert Primary School caretaker Delores Ward opens the garden named in her honour.
This was revealed by media that despite the clear-cut instructions of the Supreme Court, the series of postings and transfers, is going on in the important organizations by the caretaker government.
10:30 Parliamentary commission session at House Parliament 11:00 To award the best economic initiative for Lebanese woman in villages, under the auspices of Caretaker Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan, at Holiday Inn / Verdun 11:00 Caretaker Labor Minister Boutros Harb to receive at the ministerial council headquarter in Badaro the Iraqi Ambassador A.
The Prime Minister appreciated the Minister for Information for effectively disseminating and putting across the caretaker government's point of view to the masses and the role of a bridge that he played between the caretaker government and the media during the interim period.
Locations and responsibilities for caretaker jobs are as many and varied as the landowners and caretakers themselves.
Bliznashki said that the caretaker government would start winding down its activity in anticipation of the assumption of office of a new Cabinet.
Summary: Caretaker Information Minister Walid Daouk asked the Press Federation and the Journalists' Union to take the necessary legal measures against the editor of Ad-Diyar newspaper for slandering the caretaker prime minister.
We would like to make it clear that Mrs Shephard does not live at the block of flats referred to in our article and that another porter, not the caretaker at her residence, is under arrest for the offences mentioned.
First, the astute observations of the bat caretaker provide possibly the first record of the clinical course of natural ABL infection in a flying fox.
Sylvia, whose mum was also caretaker at the school in the 1950s, is a keen line-dancer and the youngsters were keen to ensure her farewell was memorable.
3) Karen Johnson, mother and chief caretaker of terminally ill Mike Johnson, left, visits with his 6-year-old daughter Hannah.