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a mark used by an author or editor to indicate where something is to be inserted into a text

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The 1990s saw Caret Pension eligibility liberalised on several fronts, to the point that one parliamentarian proclaimed it 'the decade of awakening to the problems and personal sacrifices made by carets' (Commonwealth of Australia 1999a: 4301).
For the pair of virgules in the margin almost always falls at the precise point in the text where a page break falls in Caxton's edition of The Chronicles of England in 1480, unless there is a seeming caret.
A lot of research on educational technology is difficult to apply to practical decisions in schools," says Talbot Bielefeldt, CARET project manager for ISTE.
However, sometimes life is not as rosy as it appears to be, and the great Tite Caret is not devoid of controversy.
Worse yet, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) was halting the CARET trial 21 months early because its beta-carotene-takers--almost all heavy smokers or ex-smokers--were showing a higher risk of lung cancer and heart disease.
Because earlier research had suggested that beta carotene might be especially effective in preventing lung cancer, all those who took part in CARET were at high risk of contracting the disease because they smoked or had worked with asbestos.
The test procedure henceforth was dubbed the caret test.
p caret L the integration of 0 k'(U(B))U'(B)(Lh'(x*) - C'(x*))f(L)dL
Cunningham, who in his role as Interim CEO will be reporting to President Caret, has been a member of the faculty at UMass Amherst since 1986.
Tenders are invited for Supply To Caret Programmable Battery Charge/Discharge Test System ,Single & Three-Phase Traction Battery Charger ,Electric Vehicle Test Solution ,Heavy Duty Regulated Linear Dc Power Supply ,Dc Power Analyser, Watt Meter ,Power Meter With Available Data Logging ,Digital Storage Oscilloscope ,Multi-Function Ac Drive With Dual Motor ,Universal 1C Tester ,Regenerative Battery Pack Test System.
23 August 2017 - Florida, US-based pharmaceutical company Caret Pharma has agreed to acquire the assets of dietary supplement supplier Fiber Choice from Sweden-based pharmaceutical company Moberg Pharma AB, the company said.
Caret Pharma reported on Monday the launch of an agreement to acquire the assets of Fiber Choice from Moberg Pharma AB for an undisclosed value.
Robert Caret will start his new position on July 1.
The Australian Government, through Centrelink, financially supports carers by providing Carer Payment (an income and assets tested social security payment) to the persons who are unable to support themselves through substantial paid employment owing to their caring responsibilities and/or Caret Allowance (an income supplement which is not income and assets tested).
Interactive sessions will be run by leading experts Oliver Nymbhu, of Caret, and Dr Catherine Sandler, of Sandler Lanz.