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Synonyms for caress

Synonyms for caress

to touch or stroke affectionately

Synonyms for caress

a gentle affectionate stroking (or something resembling it)

Related Words

touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner

References in classic literature ?
The Prince smiled, and laid his hand almost caressingly upon the other's shoulder.
One hand fell almost caressingly upon his shoulder.
Several times the noises made by the boat's crew in trimming the sheets to the shifting draught of air roused Van Horn, and each time, remembering the puppy, he pressed him caressingly with his hollowed arm.
The girdling arm lifted higher and drew her toward him, drew her slowly and caressingly.
Michael," she called, caressingly, almost in a whisper.
She weighed it in her hand and rolled it back and forth caressingly.
Bear with my obstinacy," she went on, laying her hand caressingly on Crayford's shoulder.
She sat down at the table by Sir Patrick's side, and laid her hand caressingly on his shoulder.
She laid her hand caressingly on Mercy's arm, and continued, in a graver tone: "It is hardly too much to say, Grace, that I bless the day when you first came to me.
She seized the free man's hat off the table and took him caressingly under the arm.
As she talked, she continued to pass her fingers caressingly through his hair, sorrowful for the pain that she was inflicting.
It actually seems, to use one of Zarathustra's own phrases, as if all things came unto one, and would fain be similes: 'Here do all things come caressingly to thy talk and flatter thee, for they want to ride upon thy back.
The pressure of his hands relaxed, and his cheek slid caressingly past hers as he started to release her.
He felt Razumov's reluctance, and insinuated his hand under his arm caressingly.
Whereas she had put the lump of coarse bread into the swart, scaled, knotted hands of John Baptist (who had scarcely as much nail on his eight fingers and two thumbs as would have made out one for Monsieur Rigaud), with ready confidence; and, when he kissed her hand, had herself passed it caressingly over his face.