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a person who is responsible for attending to the needs of a child or dependent adult

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About 34% of the primary caregivers said they considered their own financial situation "a lot" or "some" when they decided to become a caregiver.
Objective: To determine the frequency of depression and anxiety among caregivers of patients of schizophrenia.
The questionnaire included sociodemographic characteristics of both the caregiver and care recipient, the nature of the relationship with care recipients, duration of caregiving in years, daily hours spent on caregiving, and availability of secondary caregivers if the primary caregiver was unavailable or absent.
A copy of the duly signed employment contract should be given to the caregiver which should include the following information: duties and responsibilities of the caregiver; period of employment; compensation; authorized deductions; hours of work and proportionate additional payment; rest days and allowable leaves; board, lodging and medical attention; termination of employment; and any other lawful condition agreed upon by both parties.
If a patient is not competent upon admission, a representative of the patient such as a legal guardian or someone designated in a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care may designate a caregiver.
Depressive symptoms have been associated with physical effects on the caregiver, including decline in immunity and sleep disturbance (Castle, Wilkens, Heck, Tanzy & Fahey, 1995).
Women are more likely to be caregivers than men, and the number of caregiver workers in the study sample who were planning to ask for a leave of absence was too small for the data about gender differences to be statistically significant.
This lack of knowledge and competence can be improved through caregiver education and support.
Post-9/11 military caregivers differ from other caregivers: They make up almost 20% of all military caregivers, tend to be younger and care for younger individuals disconnected to a support network.
This year's theme is “Family Caregivers Matter.
2) The physical health of caregivers may be affected by insufficient rest and sleep arising from their caregiver responsibilities.
We have approximately 100 calls per month requesting caregiver information or help.
The activities of a family caregiver include household chores, shopping, administering medication, managing money, providing transportation and handling such activities of daily living (ADL) as feeding, bathing, dressing, going to the toilet and grooming.
When caregivers set aside their own needs and sacrifice other relationships in their lives to assume caregiver's responsibilities, they are at high risk for caregiver burden, physical and mental illness, financial burden, social isolation, and depressive symptoms (Sherwood, Given, Given, & Von Eye, 2005).
Every day, family caregivers do right by their loved ones, and I am proud to say we did right by them when the RAISE Family Caregivers Act was signed into law, said Senator Baldwin.