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a person who is responsible for attending to the needs of a child or dependent adult

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Ease of installation, reliability and affordability: That's the Smart Caregiver Advantage.
To discern the IL-6 trends, the researchers obtained at least two blood samples annually from 119 caregivers and from 106 people with healthy spouses or who were widowed, separated, divorced, or never married.
Studies have shown the impact of caregiving on the caregivers health.
Even moving the family member with Alzheimer's disease into a nursing home does not relieve stress on the primary family caregiver, she says.
Some children were registered for and attended storytime with a caregiver rather than a parent.
Have the caregiver stay with the patient unless the caregiver becomes overly nervous.
If left without a loving, reliable caregiver long enough, these orphaned children would become indifferent to human contact altogether.
The first half of the volume concludes with an examination of the emerging power struggle between physicians and female caregivers, setting the stage for the analysis of change and continuity in caregiving in the rest of the volume.
Caregiver training isn't the only area of day care where standards need to be upgraded.
A new caregiver should know that people are looking out for you at all times.
Project HOME has enabled elders and adults with disabilities to live in their homes by matching them with home sharers and caregivers.
Driven by a sense of impending crisis, the caregiver gives short shrift to certain essentials.
Content analysis was employed to examine respondent caregiver responses to the open question on the questionnaire.
If you are close to someone with AIDS and acting as a caregiver, you also need to learn as much as you can about the expected course of the illness, the treatments, and sources of help and guidance available to you.
During November, National Family Caregivers Month, Lotsa Helping Hands is inviting the entire nation to join The Year of Helping Hands with a promise to help a caregiver in 2013.