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Synonyms for carefree

Synonyms for carefree

free from care or worry

Synonyms for carefree

free of trouble and worry and care


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As of today, Carefree has completed the acquisition of three additional properties: Sun-N-Fun RV Resort in Sarasota, Florida, Sherkston Shores RV Resort in Port Colborne, Ontario, and Regency Heights in Clearwater, Florida; and acquired a leasehold interest in a fourth property, Tropical Palms RV Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.
In addition to the Carefree (TM) IPM, the ORC module includes Calnetix's proprietary power electronics unit and magnetic bearing controller, a variable speed controlled pump and associate piping, and an organic working fluid.
For the first time, SELF has created a custom mini-magazine to be distributed at all Lilith Fair concerts from the STAYFREE, CAREFREE and o.
com for more information about the luxury Lilipad ladies' rooms or other 2010 Lilith Tour special offers from the makers of STAYFREE, CAREFREE and o.
3 -- 5 -- color) Some of the All-America Rose Selections for 2001 include, clockwise from left, Glowing Peace, a grandiflora; Cameo Perfume; and Carefree Sunshine, a shrub rose.
Pink Sheets:SYNS) management announced that the Board of Directors unanimously decided to change the Company name to Carefree Group, Inc.
The company is offering the HomeAway Carefree Guarantee Gold at a special introductory rate of $59 per booked rental.
The Toro E24 Carefree Electric Mower retails for $329 at the show.
Indeed, an unusually carefree, ``I'm-on-my-third-coconut-drink-and-I-do n't-care-what-this-cost'' attitude currently reigns at the major studios, which usually lurch into the lucrative summer season worrying about too much competition and how many careers are riding on their make-or-break blockbusters.
The Company name had previously been slated to change to Carefree Elite, Inc.
announced today a no-charge Carefree Maintenance Program on its entire 2009 model line.
Young and worried: Speaking of finances, young people often are portrayed as being carefree and just having a good time.
and Carefree Elite: Carefree Elite[R] delivers an unsurpassed experience of luxury in accommodation, travel, entertainment, personal security, and premiere concierge services to its elite clientele.
In honor of its new line of hair remover products, CAREFREE(R) has enlisted the help of celebrities - including actresses Selma Blair and Lacey Chabert, R&B singer Mya, soap star Ashley Jones, fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and pop star JoJo - to donate items from their own closets that represent moments when they showed off their carefree and confident legs on camera, the runway or the red carpet.
A lot of people come here and look down their noses at Cave Creek because Carefree is the fancy place,'' Bob McBreen had told me.