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the practice of advancing your career at the expense of your personal integrity

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Service is the way for authority to be exercised in the Christian community," he said, adding that careerism, ambition, fame and worldly triumphs were "incompatible with Christian discipleship.
This can be seen as an attack on careerism in the church--seeking a cardinalatial see will no longer guarantee a red hat.
The ancient church recognized the corrupting possibility of careerism among bishops, which is why canon 15 of the Council of Nicaea forbade the transfer of bishops from one city to the next.
Coverage includes barriers to women in the first half of the 20th century; women running in primaries, winning primaries, and winning general elections into Congress from 1956 to 2010; the development of careerism in Congress and incumbency and the impact on women's political opportunities; transformations in individual decisions to run for office; comparisons of the competitive environment faced by female and male House incumbents; the developing gap between numbers of Democratic and Republican women in the House; the role of party in women candidates' success; and congressional women in the second half of the 21st century.
That, plus careerism, leads him to distort the story surrounding the murder.
Devoid of the cynical careerism that has ghosted a practice like John Currin's, Giegerich's decision late in life to start over and invent a new slowness for her art embodies a commitment directly at odds with the tendency of all things contemporary to accelerate.
If you watch on YouTube my clash on BBC Young Voters Question Time with a wee, daft lassie claiming to be a Scottish Lib Dem MP, you will see in her performance the very definition of hypocrisy, careerism and cowardice.
He criticized the outgoing government as becoming an illegal source of opportunism or careerism of inapt rulers.
For example, Burns writes that coverage from 1980 to 2001, the era called "First Lady as Political Interloper," reflected the backlash against second-wave feminism and the public debate between the "domestic ideal" of femininity and careerism.
Kohn's calls for promoting only those officers who have demonstrated intellectual as well as operational and command ability and changing the culture within the military to end careerism, anti-intellectualism, and the politicization of officers.
The political and organisational report presented expressed concern over the four " Cs -- consumerism, careerism, casteism and and capitalism" affecting the younger generation Marxists.
The real truth is surely that the entire political process has long since been corrupted by careerism, and by reference to appearance rath-ethan substance.
Whenever one is inclined to lament the death of high-minded statesmanship and its replacement by a morass of plotting and careerism, Adams's Democracy is a useful reminder that less has changed than one might think.
Implicit with careerism is the belief that self-interest is dominant and that the "organization-man" commitment does not exist (Aryee &Chen, 2004).
Having experienced the bullshittery of both indie and major label careerism firsthand, the choice to abandon their respective bands for SVIIB was a surprisingly easy one.