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Synonyms for careen

pitching dangerously to one side


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walk as if unable to control one's movements

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move sideways or in an unsteady way

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Contract award: renewal work of electrical installations of the port careening area marina lorient.
2 Michigan, sending the leather helmets careening down the list, and No.
Thus was the tone set for the 75-minute piece, careening between casual and formal, traditional and modern, and frequently off-kilter.
If you are plain damn unlucky, you will never figure out what is important and live most of your life careening out of control, not making much difference to anyone or anything (or in the alternative creating a considerable amount of havoc) and will die wondering why you were here in the first place.
To the ancients, the brain was a vehicle of fear that, in its imbalance, would subvert our heart's true voice and send us careening wildly off of the path of our life's purpose.
where a story about one topic will turn on a whim to a tangential but still very important subject before careening around a few other storytelling curves to bring the reader back to the original point, provided there was one to begin with.
He quickly decided to try to use his truck to stop the careening car.
The article "Photon Double Whammy: Careening electrons may rev up solar cells" (SN: 4/24/04, p.
Now the train, careening, owns the race, and parents, high schools, colleges--and, of course, our children--can't seem to get off.
Careen seems to be replacing career as an all-purpose verb for both these meanings and is most frequently used by journalists; however, many careful writers preserve the distinction between the careening of a boat between buoys and the careering of race cars around a slippery track" (NYPL).
The story fast-forwards to 23 years later as Davis is careening down the road with a girl, with SUVs in hot pursuit.
We were invited, though inadequately directed, to make connections between there and then and here and now, to ask how art and the artist got where they are today--through careering and/or careening.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: renting a hoist and rigging services on boats careening the port of sanary-sur-mer.
A car going west on Roxford hit the SUV's right front side, sending both cars careening to the northwest.