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southern European plant having spiny leaves and purple flowers cultivated for its edible leafstalks and roots

only parts eaten are roots and especially stalks (blanched and used as celery)

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If you have no idea what to do with a kiwano or cardoon, then it might as well be useless.
Most surprising, perhaps, is a lean, pared-down painting by the Bodegones master, Juan Sanchez Cotan, Still Life with Cardoon and Parsnips, from the Museo de Bellas Artes, Granada.
It was a Spanish picture, a rare, early still-life of a cardoon and francolin by Juan Sanchez Cotan, offered at Christie's on 8 January, which found the highest price.
The growing of the Hunchback Cardoon perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Slow Food - labour intensive, back breaking work done for little reward save the joy of eating it".
Cardoon (Cynara):These sil-very clumps have felt-like,arching leaves with iridescent violet blue thistle flowers.
Cardoon, which is closely related to the globe artichoke, was once a popular vegetable, as well as being extremely decorative.
The vast Scotch thistle, Onopordon acanthium, is arguably one of the most statuesque plants available, but others may claim that the silvery spikes of the Cardoon are more impressive.
Among these found at the Getty is the cardoon, a plant that closely resembles the artichoke, only its leaf stalks, not its flower buds, are cooked before being eaten.
Produced in England using a single column copper still, this smooth gin contains internal dishes of juniper berries, lemon zest, cucumber, heather, lilac, violets, and cardoon rest.
On 8 December, Christie's London offer Still life with cardoon and francolin by the enigmatic Spanish master Juan Sanchez Cotan (1560-1627).
One of Sanchez Cotan's six identified still lifes, "Bodegon with a cardoon and francolin" will make be making its public auction debut at Christie's.
Cardoon (Cynara) These silvery clumps have felt-like,arching leaves with iridescent violet-blue thistle flowers.
However, my favourite tall herb for maximum visual impact has to be the cardoon, a magnificent thistle with great, round spiky heads topped with purple flowers.
Q I bought a Cardoon plant last year at Strathclyde Park.
Our cardoon patch wasn't a success, but I now know that the leaf bases should be blanched and that it is usually treated as an annual in Zone 6 or below.