cardiopulmonary exercise

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1]) obtained during the cardiopulmonary exercise test to, then, calculate the pilots' caloric expenditure (CE) during flights (3,5).
Methodological approach to the first and second lactate threshold in incremental cardiopulmonary exercise testing.
Exclusion criteria were as follows: individuals with any metallic implant or artificial pacemaker, who had undergone hip surgery, who were unable to walk without assistance, those affected by metabolic or endocrine disorders that affect the muscular system, who were taking betablockers and those who presented ECG alterations during the cardiopulmonary exercise test.
Compared with controls, those on CRT also had significant improvements in secondary end points, including cardiopulmonary exercise results, left ventricular function, mitral regurgitation, left ventricular end-diastolic dimension, left ventricular mass, QRS duration, and peak [O.
Despite an extremely challenging 4th quarter in the $60M USA Pulmonary Function Test and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (PFT-CPET) market we remain only one of two profitable companies in the USA marketplace.
To determine the individual OETS, the subjects performed two submaximal cardiopulmonary exercise tests.
The cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPX) has been widely used over the last two decades in the management of patients with chronic heart failure (CHF).
With the added benefits of HDpft, Premier's customers will be able to take advantage of several new advancements in lung function diagnostics and cardiopulmonary exercise testing, including iFlow[TM], nSpire Health's newest development in flow sensor technology.
delivery of portable devices for cardiopulmonary exercise testing and respiratory system making measurements "of breath on breath", equipped with an optical head for the measurement of minute ventilation, hereafter ergospirometrem, integrated with a portable computer (laptop) with additional operating accessories, equipment for measuring plasma osmolality during physical exertion, devices for recording changes in body temperature during exercise, equipped with an accelerometer, a record bioelectrical heart activity (ecg) and record the respiratory rhythm with the installation, commissioning and training of staff in handling.
A cardiopulmonary exercise test was performed according to a standardized procedure (ATS/ACCP Statement, 2003).
nSpire Health is a leading provider of respiratory clinical trials services, including Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing, High Definition Pulmonary Diagnostics Systems, Spirometry, and Home Monitoring.
Contract notice: Delivery with installation, commissioning and performing as-built documentation for the analysis of the flow channel swimming style, speed and endurance training with integrated videoanalizy and software and system performance testing competitor based on an analysis of cardiopulmonary exercise with telemetric heart rate measurement system with water (with software) .
In such cases cardiopulmonary exercise testing typically resolves the dilemma: indices of aerobic capacity are markedly higher in healthy endurance athletes compared to patients.
The Xtreme Everest team performed tests during exercise that included assessment with the MetaLyzer[R] cardiopulmonary exercise system from Cortex.
Part of the testing includes assessment with the MetaLyzer[R] cardiopulmonary exercise system from CORTEX.
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