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a specialist in cardiology

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These superior outcomes were mediated in part by a significantly higher rate of oral anticoagulation prescription within 90 days after diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AF) among patients who saw a cardiologist, Alexander C.
Summary: Live procedure of three surgeries beamed to more than 20,000 cardiologists in Paris
ORLANDO -- Heart disease in women is not a top-level concern for most primary care physicians or cardiologists, according to a national survey.
The patient who goes to a cardiologist is the one with multiple risk factors--especially diabetes, brittle hypertensives (significant fluctuations in blood pressure that range from very high to lower than normal, for example), smokers, and women with strong family histories (meaning multiple members with heart disease--men before age 50 and women before age 60).
You may see other specialists, such as cardiac surgeons, but a general clinical cardiologist is there to manage your heart care and coordinate treatment with other doctors.
With the addition of a team of cardiologists, Crawford County patients will now have expert heart care in their own community," said Sue Coniey, CEO of Summit Medical Center.
NCC employs 13 cardiologists, four nurse practitioners, more than 100 staff members and sees 30,000 cardiovascular patient visits annually.
But there was equal concern in the radiology community that radiologists would be displaced by cardiologists.
Cardiologist Horst Sievert, director of the CardioVascular Center Frankfurt in Germany, says that bioabsorbability "is the major breakthrough of this technology.
The military cardiologist searched the Internet and located Dr.
The study itself was co-sponsored by the Association of Black Cardiologists, which posted a notice on its Web site noting that "African Americans suffer disproportionately from heart failure and that new clinical data and new medicines are needed to address the problem.
Afshine Ash Emrani, a cardiologist with the Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center's San Fernando Valley Heart Institute.
Almost certainly, cardiovascular illness and death of people with HIV could be significantly reduced if everybody could see an HIV specialist, and when needed an HIV-knowledgeable cardiologist, with the different doctors able to work together, and with enough time to work with their patients.
Palank, MD, FACC, CPE, FACPE, is a veteran cardiologist who found his latest niche at the intersection of golf and medicine.
To determine the effect of treatment by a cardiologist on mortality of elderly patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI, heart attack), accounting for both measured confounding using risk-adjustment techniques and residual unmeasured confounding with instrumental variables (IV) methods.