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the branch of medicine dealing with the heart and its diseases

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Purchase of cardiological procedure packages, pacemaker construction, switching or explant, to Sydvestjysk hospital, Esbjerg.
Endocrinological late effects (growth failure, obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, thyroid gland disorders, osteopenia/osteoporosis, and pubertal disorders) and cardiological late effects were evaluated.
The program included a cardiological review and regular follow-up, echocardiography with Doppler and other cardiovascular investigations as needed, and nurse coaching.
The large-hole access and closure technologies of VasoStitch and the aortic embolic protection technologies of Emboline form the initial core of a family of accessory devices offered by Cardiological Solutions to address the clinical needs of emerging interventional cardiology procedures.
Equipmed has been a leading independent distributor of equipment for the cosmetic, dermatological, disinfection and cardiological industries since 1976.
And here in the future we will push the research strongly in support of FIFA to get more information about the underlying pathology from the cardiological part but more important even from the ethnical differences and the genetic predisposition so the research will go very much into the genetics of the sporting people.
Mansour Al-Hawasi, and more than 220 university professors and researchers in the field of cardiological diseases from inside and outside the Kingdom are also taking part in the three-day event.
Operative risk assessment was performed, as in all patients with high cardiovascular risk, on a cardiological pre-operative evaluation.
She found the heart to be normal but advised screening the immediate family for cardiological and genetic tests.
LIKE any physical exertion sex is a form of cardiological exercise which gets your heart pumping faster and helps it stay in shape.
He informed that the 10-member Saudi Health Ministry delegation which is currently on a visit to Pakistan would also select more paramedical staff in cardiological surgery.
We at CSH believe that people need a space where they are comfortable to talk about their problem, while at the same time explaining that they might require medical attention for related problems like diabetes, cardiological conditions, blood pressure, etc.
However, the majority may live to adulthood, thanks to advances in medical science and innovative cardiological research.
In June, the Kayhan Daily, seen as close to the Supreme Leader, carried remarks made by a long-time bodyguard of Khamenei, who indicated that he underwent surgery at the Shahid Rajayi Cardiological Hospital in the early Nineties.
Sudden Unexplained Death: Heritability and Diagnostic Yield of Cardiological and Genetic Examination in Surviving Relatives," Circulation 112, no.