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an epicycloid in which the rolling circle equals the fixed circle

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MTR231 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Cardioid / Omnidirectional / Figure-8 Polar Patterns ($299.
Omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional response patterns were measured.
We hope the CardioID initiative will be a wake-up call to help many people take preventative action with diet, exercise and nutritional supplements.
2]) on the cardioid and the four-leaf clover of Fig.
The recordings in both locations were conducted in a quiet environment using a Sony TCD D8 portable DAT recorder and a dynamic microphone with a cardioid response.
Answers: a) cardioid b) omnidirectional c) bidirectional
The individual microphones are cardioid models that have progressively weaker sensitivity as the recording angle widens, until there is a near null directly behind the capsule.
The headset also features a cardioid (directional) boom microphone that filters out background noises, delivering a clear voice signal for every user.
Contract notice: supply and installation of Audio technique: UHF Viversity set with bodypack transmitter, headset microphone cardioid, Antenna Splitter 2x 1 in 4, UHF antenna, antenna amplifier, charger, audio plug 32xAV, plug Depot, patch cable 90 cm, Audio DSP 16x6, 2 way speaker 2x8 "/ 1" Power Amplifier 2x300W / 70V, Speaker Patchfeld 12 Speakon, 3U Rack Drawer.
In addition, Apogee's MiC, a cardioid condenser microphone for recording any voice or acoustic instrument, has been reduced from $199 to $129.
The word cardioid refers to anything that has the shape of which human organ?