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diagnostic procedure consisting of recording the activity of the heart electronically with a cardiograph (and producing a cardiogram)

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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Results of a study showed that acoustic cardiography, a new technology combining a 12-leed ECG with cardiac acoustic data, can aid physicians in detecting the abnormal third heart sound in the heart's rhythm.
Among their topics are chronic implantable monitoring, the role of right heart catheterization in managing patients with heart failure, impedance cardiography, revascularization for left ventricular dysfunction, percutaneous mechanical assist devices, enhanced external counter-pulsation, and ultrafiltration.
The San Diego, CA-based medical technology company sold more than 8,200 impedance cardiography (ICG) monitors and modules, a 12% increase compared with the 7,300 monitors and modules it sold during the same period last year.
They collected symptom data and measured cardiac output using impedance cardiography in 38 people with CFS and 27 matched, sedentary controls.
CardioDyanmics says the BioZdTEL uses it's proprietary BioZ noninvasive impedance cardiography (ICG) technology to collect hemodynamic measurements, including cardiac input, stroke volume, systemic vascular resistance and fluid status.
Stroke volume was determined by impedance cardiography (Minnesota 200 A, Finnomedical Oy, Espoo, Finland).
Cardiac Science Corporation, Digisonics, Epiphany Cardiography Products LLC, FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation, GE Healthcare Ltd.
Tenders are invited for providing electric connection to the echo cardiography machine to be installed in pediatric cardiology department at sat hospital, thiruvananthapuram.
Brachy therapy, MRI, PCR, Color Doppler machines bone mineral density meter, cardiac stress and electro cardiography system, CT scanner, digital mammography and other equipments would also be purchased, Sial said.
Editor Leondes (engineering, UCLA) has enlisted the help of experts in the field to discuss such topics as impedance cardiography, indicator dilution techniques in cardiovascular quantification and the analysis of cardiac biomechanics by heart sound.
2) Impedance cardiography and symptom data were collected from 38 patients with CFS grouped into cases with severe (n = 18) and less severe (n = 20) illness and compared with those from 27 matched, sedentary, control subjects.
San Diego, CA-based CardioDynamics, a manufacturer of impedance cardiography (ICG) technology, reported $7.
CardioDynamics (Nasdaq: CDIC), San Diego, the innovator and global leader of Impedance Cardiography (ICG) technology and manufacturer of BioZ(R) noninvasive digital cardiac function monitoring systems, has announced the publication of a significant Mayo Clinic Study demonstrating the importance of the company's noninvasive ICG technology in the treatment of hypertension in a recent issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Hypertension.
How, if at all, should the process of overreading differ from that for noncomputer cardiography results?