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(mathematics) the number of elements in a set or group (considered as a property of that grouping)

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Due to a few factors, such as inaccurate cardinality estimates, the plan quality might be quite poor.
Since the contractive similarities do not alter the amount of elements of the original set, the cardinality of X under P and that of each equivalence class must also be guaranteed to be equal.
The NP-hardness of finding the minimum cardinality of a closed monopoly in a graph is easy to observe as stated by Linial et al.
The join cardinality of this subspace is computed using the corresponding counting Bloom filters,[f.
Right-angled buildings in which all the panels of same type have same cardinality have been classified by F.
25 In a complete SVNHG H = (X, E) the cardinality of N(x) is same for every vertex.
While transforming relationship sets cardinality of <<one-to-many>>, in addition for object properties would be created and tagged as inverse object properties.
k]B if D(A) [subset] D(B) and there exists subset E of D(A) of cardinality k called the error set such that
First, cardinality comparison, the 1D active weight TCK codes get the code length equal to code size to produce the better cardinality.
Junior sections of public libraries contain many books written with a view to helping very young children realise that the cardinality of a set is a property that is independent of the nature of the elements of the set.
So-called generics are members of a diverse class of constructions that express generalizations that do not directly involve any precise cardinality of individuals, but rather the kinds or "typical" or "normal" members of the kinds contributed by arguments of the predicate.
Modern communication systems also require the capability to support increasing number of users, which relies on the selection of sets of spreading codes featuring large cardinality, i.
Create a new reference named M_Z with source class M, target class Z, containment false, min cardinality 1 and max cardinality *.
A resolving set W of G with the minimum cardinality is a metric basis for G and the minimum cadinality is the metric dimension of G which is denoted by AY(G).