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He is the world's leading authority on the Banggai cardinalfish, Pterapogon kauderni , and was one of the first people to breed the species successfully in captivity.
Chapters 11 to 13 examine various aspects of the aquarium trade fishery for Banggai cardinalfish.
The Banggai Cardinalfish will be a primary source for students, ichthyologists (molecular and morphologic), hobbyists and professional aquarists.
The Banggai cardinalfish inhabits a small triangular area of Banggai and other nearby islands in Indonesia.
The biology and taxonomy of the cardinalfish, Sphaeramia orbicularis (Pisces: Apogonidae).
The cardinalfish surprised Nilsson by breathing steadily until the oxygen concentration had dropped to 20 percent of its normal concentration.
The pink cardinalfish was accompanied by at least 15 Guadalupe cardinalfish, A.
Cardinalfish fall in the variable 6% of families with species having or lacking a pair of ossicles.
A revision of the cardinalfish genus Epigonus (Perciforrnes, Apogonidae), with descriptions of two new species.
Age structure, growth rates, movement patterns and feeding in a estuarine population of the cardinalfish Apogon rueppellii.
Session 1: Industry-related Conservation - some of the topics currently lined up feature hot issues like the ongoing studies on the plight of the much-in-demand Banggai cardinalfish and the in-situ work being done in Indonesia to conserve the species, the Amazonian ornamental fishery, conservation and management strategies for Indian ornamental fish, and CITES and CBD issues surrounding the dragon fish.
Redspotted grouper (Epinephelus akaara) and barface cardinalfish (Apogon semilineatus) were most abundant in the PVC ARs.
Today, aquaculturists are successfully breeding gobies, blennies, cardinalfish, and seahorses--an array of species popular with hobbyists.
Indonesian Banggai Cardinalfish enters endangered category
The list of rare species is primarily composed of species in the Goby (7 species), Cardinalfish (5 species) and Blenny (3 species) families.