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Listeners will hear Pope Benedict formally publish the decree of elevation as the 22 new cardinals receive their ring and the scarlet biretta that are associated with the cardinalate.
The convent began as a titulus in the second century and was listed in the Roman Synod in 499, but its cardinalate was suppressed in 600.
Chambers summarizes current and past research on the Cardinalate and outlines of some of the lesser-known chapters of Paolo Cortesi's De Cardinalatu, a treatise on the life of the Cardinal (1510) that has yet to be published in a complete modern edition.
Richard d'Apice records the process and ceremony of the proclamation in Rome in October 2003 and sets this in the context of the history of the Cardinalate and the careers of all Cardinals of the Australian Church.
Alexander's papacy was a signal moment in the restoration of papal monarchy in the wake of the conciliar experiment, Pellegrini argues, since it represented "the waning of the medieval cardinalate.
committed theologian and ecumenist, inspiring teacher, and long-time valued collaborator of this journal on the occasion of his elevation to the cardinalate by the See of Rome at a consistory held on February 21, 2001.
Through meticulous codicological analysis of sources and using texts of compositions associated with efforts to end the Great Schism, they argue persuasively that some works of these composers--along with others by native and foreign musicians in the service of papal and cardinalate chapels--constitute a vital repertory disseminated throughout the peninsula from Rome and central Italy, bringing about an internationalization of musical styles.
To support his claim, McGrath moves chronologically through Newman's career: from his original conversion experience at fifteen, through his evangelical student days, through his flirtation with the liberal theology of the other Fellows at Oriel College, through his militant campaign against liberalism as unofficial head of the Tractarian Movement, through his first years as a Catholic, and finally to the Cardinalate that won him some respect, if not acceptance, from the Roman clergy.
4 that Francis' choices for cardinals indicate the pontiff does not feel bound to "the traditions of the cardinalatial sees which were motivated by historical reasons in different countries in which the cardinalate was considered almost automatically connected to such sees.
Benedict also elevated to the Cardinalate Lucian Murescan, Major Archbishop in Romania, and three priests: Julien Rico (Belgium); Prosper Grech (O.
His family ties brought him rapidly to a bishopric (1521), cardinalate (1527), and after his ordination (1556) nearly to the papacy (1559), but strained relations with the Farnese and the Habsburgs prevented it.
Pompeo Colonna was named to the cardinalate by Leo X in late 1517; sometime after his elevation, he commissioned an illuminated missal that remained incomplete at the time of his death in 1532.
Having bethrothed (but not yet married) his daughter Maddalena to Innocent VIII's son, Franceschetto Cibo, in February 1487, we now watch Lorenzo preparing the way for his young son Giovanni's cardinalate by the hunt for benefices: the abbey of Morimundi, "one of the beautiful benefices of Lombardy," "an opportunity" that Lorenzo did not want to lose, the abbey of Montecassino under Ferrante's patronage, and the abbey of Passignano in Tuscany, promised to Lorenzo's son in 1484 but still eluding his grasp.
It is not intended to be a detailed history of the cardinalate or the Church in Australia or a biography of Cardinal Pell or any of his Australian forerunner in the College of Cardinals.