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the number of elements in a mathematical set

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42/14 Lot 5 - ceramic pipes, bends and branches (the cardinal number 14 in the Plan procurement of goods and services for the year 2014)
With what number of letters are the most cardinal number names spelt?
The cardinal number principle is a basis for mathematical thought, since knowing that, for example, the word "six" is related to a set size (six objects).
Later, in his now famous speech given to the International Conference of Mathematicians at Paris in 1900, David Hilbert posed as his first problem (of 23) whether there are any nondenumerable sets whose cardinal numbers lie between [N.
The preceding proposition implies that the cardinal numbers [c.
C-stable set of H' is divided into two groups: one is those the cardinal number less than l; the other is those the cardinal number not less than l.
Following [1], [4]) The cardinal number of a set A is the initial ordinal number a in the class of all sets equipotent to A.
Cantor called this abstract extensional presentation of a set its power or its cardinal number, but it is also possible to think of a set in terms of its intrinsic order, thus defining the sets ordinal type.
This analogy is unsatisfactory because it reduces the complex, emergent relatedness of the order of the universe to a mere collection of countable items, and it construes God as the concept of a transfinite cardinal number.
In the grammar and morphology of numbers, Aramaic influence is slighter still, possibly appearing in the form /me/ for the cardinal number 100, the use of listen n/ for multiplicatives, and the late, sporadic use of u ("and") between numbers or measures (I [section][section] 9, 35, 68, and 73s).
On a more down-to-earth note, Designfax has entered into its 23rd year -- not a cardinal number in anniversary celebrations, but a mature age, nonetheless.
Each higher tier will be an infinite periodic sequence; the period will have a cardinal number which is a multiple of 8.
Most enterprises will fail to maintain the significant growth this year since the high cardinal number in 2010.
formally listen + cardinal number = that man + attained skill + printer's measure