cardiac output

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the amount of blood pumped out by the ventricles in a given period of time

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held the largest share in the North American cardiac output monitoring devices market in 2014, and accounted for a market share of 89.
There is a huge unmet demand for new versions of non-invasive and minimally invasive cardiac output monitoring devices, and to meet these demands, new projects have been initiated.
None of the large (and increasing) number of devices currently available for measuring cardiac output can be considered universally ideal (Table 1).
It's known that at the moment of birth pangs 300-500 ml of blood is pushed out of the placental channel resulting in increasing of cardiac output and AP (Tornos, 2006).
The purpose of these three pharmacological approaches is to increase the cardiac output.
In the first eight patients we studied, we saw that in seven of the patients, cardiac output did not rise as the pregnancy progressed, but rather fell," reported Dr.
Most investigators have observed high day-to-day reproducibility of cardiac output measured by C[O.
Mean arterial pressure (MAP) is determined by cardiac output (stroke volume and heart rate) and peripheral vascular resistance (MAP = CO x PVR).
The researchers then monitored their blood pressure, heart rate and cardiac output while they did stressful tasks.
There was no significant change in cardiac output in hypertensives or diabetics with PH, whereas there was a significant increase during tilt in hypertensiles without PH (p < 0.
In a study presented July 24 at an American Heart Association meeting in Chicago, Pendergast and his colleagues found that cardiac output -- the volume of blood pumped by the heart -- increased 50 percent and remained elevated throughout the shuttle flight, even though heart rate decreased and mean blood pressure remained constant.
com/research/hc37wx/low_cardiac_output) has announced the addition of Global Markets Direct's new report "Low Cardiac Output Syndrome - Pipeline Review, H1 2012" to their offering.
2618/15 "set for measurement of cardiac output, thermodilution, individually wrapped sterile, disposable.