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a person who holds a credit card or debit card

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a player who holds a card or cards in a card game

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First, the share of individuals holding at least one bankcard was for many years quite stable, at about 80 percent, until the onset of the Great Recession; afterward, the incidence of cardholding fell to about 72 percent in 2010 (table 2).
th] anniversary in January 2015, has helped raise more than [pounds sterling]13 million for the charity thanks to its passionate and engaged cardholding supporters.
Transaction data was pulled from the debit and credit transactions of cardholding members of credit unions across the country using CO-OP Total Revelation, a data analytics tool from CO-OP.
Determining which group of cardholders in 2001 would not have been cardholders in 1989 will help us estimate the effect that the expansion in cardholding had on household financial obligations.
This will be driven by an increase in cardholding amongst the lower end of the non-standard population, due to greater issuer competition and improvements in underwriting techniques.
Multiple cardholding remains a very important feature of the UK market, and creates a situation where card issuing banks can look to win back customers.
For example, a credit union contemplating offering professional sports teams tickets in a sweepstakes to drive credit card use could mine its cardholder data to find out how many cardholding members use their cards to routinely purchase sporting event tickets, sports equipment or gym memberships.
At the same time, the median total credit limit on such cards jumped from $5,400 per cardholding family in 1992 to $9,000 in 1995.
For example, in late summer a card issuer with an educational field of membership might offer its cardholding members a lower interest rate or greater rewards on items that qualify as back to school.
We continue to find even more ways to expose our corporate sponsors and local merchants to our large cardholding membership base.
Competition in the market has continued to encourage multiple cardholding, while the drive for efficiency has seen dormant accounts close
According to a 1996 consumer survey conducted by the Gallup organization for The American Banker, Visa was used most often by 44 percent of cardholding households, giving Visa a 2-to-1 margin over MasterCard for the first time in 13 years of American Banker surveys.
Figure 17: Average cardholding in the UK has grown over time, but declined in 2005
Cardholding members of the credit union will now have access to the MAC network.
The payment card market in Germany is characterized by a high degree of penetration; cardholding averaged close to 1.