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a person who holds a credit card or debit card

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a player who holds a card or cards in a card game

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1 million locations in the United States alone, Visa is uniquely qualified to extend the benefits of this partnership to millions of cardholders and fans.
Visa remains focused on developing the category infrastructure to support all of our key stakeholders - cardholders, merchants, financial institutions and their partners," said Todd Brockman, senior vice president, prepaid products, Visa USA.
Existing Internet security offerings include MasterCard(R) SecureCode(TM), a global e-commerce solution that authenticates cardholders when they use their MasterCard payment cards to make purchases online.
The series begins with "Protecting Cardholder Data with the PCI Data Security Standard" on Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 12 p.
Toys "R" Us(R) -- Toys "R" Us will once again participate in the MasterValues program, offering MasterCard cardholders 10-20 percent off a large selection of merchandise when they use the MasterValues coupons available at all Toys "R" Us locations beginning June 1.
Travelocity now offers customers the opportunity to purchase their getaways using Verified by Visa, a payment card fraud-prevention service that protects Visa cardholders when shopping online.
Magic Line participation in the MAESTRO POS network will enable our participants to join MAESTRO and offer their cardholders and merchants state-of-the-art POS services.
JCB merchants in Japan also are expected to gain access to the incremental card spend of Discover Network cardholders.
Small business cardholders enjoy upgrades, discounts, and special offers from many of the world's top retail merchants, travel providers, hotels and resorts.
DirectPay EU provides ePassporte cardholders the ability to move funds from their European bank accounts to their ePassporte accounts, using the bank transfer system.
That ease of use will help continue the momentum behind Visa Contactless, as we offer more payment choices to cardholders.
international telephone service is available to Visa cardholders worldwide through affiliations with BT (British Telecom), Hong Kong Telecom, Sprint International and Telstra (formerly OTC Australia).
To participate in the program, cardholders simply contact hotel reservationists through toll-free telephone numbers or travel agents and provide them with special codes identifying them as program participants.
This new functionality drives the Visa Incentive Network, a service that allows merchants and financial institutions to offer loyalty and rewards programs tailored to individual cardholders and enables the delivery of those services in real-time.
Introduced in late 2005, Visa's auto-substantiation capability makes it easier for Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) cardholders to make qualified medical purchases at a broad range of merchants.