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There's something boring about being subjected to a card trick that makes me want to pick a card and make a paper-cut in a major artery.
The first of his creations, the Color-Changing Card Trick has become particularly popular among science educators as a fun way to communicate psychology.
Ben performed a card trick to the surprised DJ, while Robin videoed the magic moment.
Diaconis, a thirteen-year-old whippersnapper, decided to show off his card tricks.
Baffle family and friends with the 1, 2, 3 card trick where the same card turns up each time just for you.
I remember fooling my friends with one card trick, but the pack could only do that one trick, so when they asked for more I ran out of audiences very quickly.
The card trick he did on that show was relatively simple compared to the elaborate stunts he has in store in his new series which just goes to show how far TV magic has come from the days when you could draw a crowd just by sawing somebody in half.
Ross Eckler posed a challenge, based on an old card trick in which a group of code words is used to produce a mystifying effect.
A maths card trick does not involve slight of hand but works due to a hidden pattern.
This card trick is produced with rather more flair under the title "Swami Omigami"--you can enter these words into Google to find him.
As for the infamous three card trick during the last World Cup when he booked the same Croatian defender three times, Poll put it down to simple human error.
But the film's never quite as good as Iwanted it to be, and, like with a bad card trick, I was expecting a bit more than was actually delivered.
No human being I know can wear yellow close to their face and look attractive Just beccause those mad male fashion designers in Paris think it's good idea doesn't mean that we woman have to fall for this three card trick.
The other day Grampa taught me a card trick that could fool even my friend Jimmy the Magnificent (who's a magician).
Here is a card trick I developed from a Bob Hummer trick called The Royal Hummer.