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a table for playing cards (as in a casino)

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a small light table with folding legs

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The benchmark piece used to identify Tulles furniture is a card table in a private collection that bears Tulles's label (see label on page 17).
Blake clocked his head on the card table and nearly knocked everything off.
A CASINO croupier is at the centre of a suspected card table sting involving thousands of pounds.
His incentive to stick around is Joyce Rogers, the much younger wife of a lawyer whom he's beaten badly at the card table.
Before he died he proclaimed that God had a special room waiting for him with a new pool table and a new card table.
Confidential," "The Wonder Boys" and "8 Mile" -- has an ace up his sleeve, namely an interesting story to tell outside the card table.
For the record, though, War ne launched the website by sharing a card table with the assembled media.
The craft's highest-resolution camera will discern features as small as a card table.
She is ready to reclaim the Michele Lewis who, at age 24, in 1992, knew she did not want to continue working as a data entry clerk in a bank and began selling books on weekends from a card table that evolved into a brick-and-mortar business.
I just sat at my folded card table while flies festered at the leaking spots on my head .
Their bands are sometimes signed to small, local labels and more often distribute self-produced CDs from the stage or a card table outside the club.
SITTING AT A CARD TABLE ON THE PORCH OF HIS HOME, RALPH Figueroa, an admissions officer at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, reached over to the pile of applications assembled randomly at his feet and scooped up the folder submitted by Jordan Goldman of New York City.
I HAVE a card table, 25-30 years old still in good condition.
Ross designed the card table with a lacquered paper overlay top on wood.