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a library catalog in which each publication is described on a separate file card

an alphabetical listing of items (e

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Market purchase orders whose purpose is the acquisition of saddlery, textiles supplies, tools and specific hardware needed for maintenance workshops of hosts via an electronic card catalog and purchase Level III.
So you create this open digital card catalog, if you will, that everyone can update.
The Buffalo and Erie County Library System took a technological step forward last summer when it began replacing the card catalog in its fifty-three branches with a computerized online reference section that allows the public to quickly find great literature, magazine articles, or other library material with a few strokes of a PC keyboard.
It's as if every time I went to the library, they had changed the card catalog, or even the alphabet.
They search the library's card catalog using their own personal computers (PCs) and Macintosh systems, which are networked to a Unix-based file server.
Once inside, I scanned the different rooms looking for a librarian, the card catalog or just a place to relax.
Browse the Mobile Gift Card catalog and use points for the desired gift card
Card catalog kit, including shelf list cards, filed in Dewey order; shelf list cards to include:
But on a wall in the corner of Greenfield Community College's Nahman-Watson Library, 128 artifacts from the library's card catalog hang preserved in a glass case--signed by the authors who penned the very books to which the cards once led.
com/, members are able to access the service's card catalog, online contact manager, calendar and reminders, and a wide selection of gifts.
The library has been doing retrospective conversion of the card catalog over the last five years, and a substantial amount of material is now represented online.
While this technology isn't ready to replace the card catalog just yet, experts agree that the applications for content in these libraries are unbounded.
An audience member picks a book title from a card catalog or writes an original idea on a card and hands it to the first typist.
The transition was gradual on all fronts: From typewriter to word processor is but a small step and from card catalog to an online catalog is (to the library patron) just a change in how to search the records.