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any substance that produces cancer

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The results showed that soil samples from the sites where open burning was practised had high concentrations of carcinogenic hydrocarbons
It said one possible reason was that nitrites in the body can form carcinogenic compounds that can damage DNA.
The carcinogenicity of mate was also previously evaluated in 1991, when hot mate drinking was classified as 'probably carcinogenic to humans'.
Based on evidence from hundreds of studies, processed meat was classified as carcinogenic to humans.
On Wednesday it will say its latest review found "no conclusive evidence for a carcinogenic effect" of coffee drinking and will point to some studies showing coffee may actually reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.
The groups also concluded that the insecticides diazinon and malathion are unlikely to be carcinogenic through dietary exposure.
This current debacle is surrounded by conflicting tests, results and conclusions regarding the level to which imported wheat is carcinogenic.
There are certain food components which act as cancer risk factors and are termed as carcinogenic while there are certain dietary habits which have an anti-carcinogenic effect.
microwave popcorn According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the lining in microwaveable bags of popcorn contain the carcinogenic acid, perfluorooctanoic.
The World Health Organization recently announced that processed meats have been categorized as Group 1 carcinogenic to humans.
Anything in excess is not advisable, all these processed meats somehow contain chemicals and preservatives and all of these things are carcinogenic in excess," he said.
THE recent announcement by the World Health Organisation that processed meat is carcinogenic to humans, ranking it alongside the most cancer-causing substances in the world, adds further weight to Animal Aid's call for such products to be treated in the same way as tobacco.
Red meat is also "probably" carcinogenic, with associations mainly with bowel cancer, but also with pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer, according to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report.
Meanwhile, fresh meat has been deemed to be a "probable" carcinogenic, as the evidence was less solid.
The over Dh1 billion Shaikh Khalifa Speciality Hospital will treat carcinogenic, cardiac, as well as blood vessels and nerve diseases.