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Carcasses were imaged after evisceration but before washing, at a rate of 150 birds per minute.
In this study, we identify more readily observed external features of the scorpion exoskeleton as the basis for distinguishing scorpion molts and carcasses.
The arthropod species found on respective carcasses are shown in Figs.
Previously, VDOT's predominant means of managing roadkill included transporting the carcasses to landfills and, where possible, burying individual carcasses within highway rights-of-way.
Data Collection--Between 15 March 2013 and 15 June 2013, we walked transects daily through our study area in search of migratory bird carcasses.
Only 11% of Holstein steer carcasses represented higher marbling (MS 4-9), while the majority had the lowest score of MS 1.
The carcasses in both the building and on transport vehicles created a foul smell which caused distress to nearby residents.
He said: "Mark had a constant use of knives including dismembering carcasses on a daily basis.
CONCERN is mounting about the dangers posed by dumped horse carcasses following a spate of incidents across the Vale of Glamorgan.
Dr Allaby reached his conclusions after taking 45 samples from the wounds of the deer carcasses, testing them for DNA from the saliva of canids, such as dogs or foxes, or cat species which had killed the deer or scavenged from it.
2010), but researchers rarely track the fates of specific carcasses to know which species are responsible for scavenging (but see Kostecke et al.
After slaughter, the carcasses were weighed and carcass yield was calculated according to the follow equation: HCY (%) = (HCW/SBW) x 100, where HCD = hot carcass yield, HCW = hot carcass weight, and SBW = slaughtered body weight.
Typical beef cattle can be described as the thick-set, blocky breeds having a high percentage and a superior development of high-priced relative to low -priced cuts of meat on their carcasses [5].
High tides expected by the end of month may take the carcasses back out to sea.
The new EU regulations require the removal of the spinal cord in all sheep carcasses where the animal was aged over 12 months.