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Synonyms for carcass

Synonyms for carcass

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

Synonyms for carcass

the dead body of an animal especially one slaughtered and dressed for food


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The iso-cost curves illustrate how different combinations of detection date (days elapsed since initial infection, ranging from 7 to 21 days) and carcass disposal capacity (0 to 20,000 head per day) achieve different overall cost levels, when vaccination is not available and either a sales yard (fig.
He was told that culling and carcass disposal had been handled much more efficiently in England than in Wales.
The complete lack of rendering facilities in Wales led to significant carcass disposal delays.
The union recommended that, in the event of any resurgence of FMD or a new outbreak, the Army should be brought in immediately to supervise and organise the slaughter of livestock, carcass disposal and other logistical issues.
Waste Collection Waste Storage Waste Disposal Clean Water Separation Plastics Carcass Disposal FIG Livestock and Crop Husbandry - provision, replacement, refurbishment or improvement of farm building, structure and equipment for agricultural livestock and crop enterprise to include:
Agriculture Minister Nick Brown said the difficulty faced by MAFF workers trying to speed up disease diagnosis and carcass disposal was a lack of vets.
The National Fallen Stock Company issued its statement after a spate of high profile stories in the media has left local authorities more aware of the issue, and more inclined to take action against those responsible for illegal carcass disposal.
If the scheme fails to get off the ground,farmers will have to make their own carcass disposal arrangements, which could prove costly for many.
He said: "If the use of this site for carcass disposal causes the spread of the disease to Warwickshire it will be an absolute disaster and the Government will be held to account.
Cattle producers in Quebec and eastern Canada will see a drop in their carcass disposal and handling costs thanks to the opening today of a biomass boiler plant at the Sanimax rendering facility in Levis, by MP Jacques Gourde (Lotbiniere Chutes-de-la-Chaudiere) on behalf of Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture) Christian Paradis.
The unseasonal conditions hit during the lambing season and saw special carcass disposal measures brought in, but critics within the farming community said the Welsh Government's response had been "inadequate".
In May, the commission had used its emergency powers to ban the digging of any new carcass disposal pits after July 1 because freezing was now an alternative.