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Synonyms for carburetor

mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion

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Then you unscrew about four nuts that bolt down the carburetor, and you're done.
The flow domain considered for simulation is the whole carburetor assembly with steady state flow.
Productivity in the carburetors, pistons, and valves industry, as measured by output per employee hour, declined slightly at an average annual rate of 0.
A carburetor that has become loose will definitely prevent the saw from running.
If the engine is "drooling" or leaking unburned fuel through the muffler, your carburetor may also be experiencing problems.
The anticipated additional carburetor revenue and the favorable profit margins generated from remanufactured carburetors will support Champion during its continuing pursuit of new product opportunities.
Mileage increases when first introduced were maybe 5-10 percent above the carburetors of that time.
Major differences between the cars occurred only when one, which had a carburetor, developed fuel system malfunctions, Lawryk and Weisel report in the March Environmental Science & Technology.
While industry-wide remanufactured carburetor sales are in decline, the increased sales volume from the acquisition should provide Champion with economies of scale in its established manufacturing operations.
and experienced moderately higher sales of air conditioning products and sustained sales of carburetors," Jerry A.
Just one guy who finishes all 500 miles of a race will have forced almost 200 gallons of 112 octane fuel running through his custom-built carburetor.
Then you go to the carburetor and tickle it until fuel comes out the drip plate.
But, he adds, it suggests "we're seeing the fuel tank, we're seeing the carburetor.
With a 127ci Ultima motor with diamond fins, polished G3 carburetor and a chrome 6-speed transmission, this monster has the performance capabilities to match its aggressive stance.
BULLETIN BOARD: CREB) , remanufacturer of automotive parts, announced today it has signed an agreement to purchase the remanufactured carburetor assets of Tomco for approximately $1.