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Synonyms for carbuncular

afflicted with or resembling a carbuncle


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The third time, like the young man carbuncular with the bored and lonely typist in Eliot's The Waste Land, he
Or again: considering the house agent's clerk in Eliot's The Waste Land, the "young man carbuncular," Buchanan contends the clerk's pimples implicitly link him with the plague afflicting Sophoclean Thebes.
Such surrender provides a beneficent contrast to the squalid, plebeian sex scenes that have preceded it: the sickly woman who's taken pills to induce an abortion; the unresponsive typist seduced and abandoned by her carbuncular assailant; the pathetic girl supine on the floor of a narrow canoe; the dreary Margate fornicators with broken fingernails and dirty hands.
The initial road to get there features some carbuncular modern houses with the sort of ageing 'Spanish' tiles which are fast becoming the biggest blot on the modern Midlands' landscape.
But with rumblings from Unesco over our World Heritage Site, is Mr Grossman, a man of exquisite taste and aesthetic judgment, unwilling to suffer international derision as the full carbuncular impact on the Pier Head of the new Museum of Liverpool and the trio of black pyramid flats ("the three grotesques") becomes apparent?
Amanda dreams of something beyond her boyfriend Michael (not unlike the carbuncular, fumbling young man in Eliot's poem), a boor whose idea of a good time is drinking beer and burping appreciatively, then falling asleep (and snoring) in front of the telly.