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a large bottle for holding corrosive liquids

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Tube length options start from 40cm for smaller containers, also 70cm, 100cm and 120cm for most popular sized drums and 140cm for larger IBC's and carboys that typically hold volumes up to 1250 litres.
Plastic packaging products, 2006 - 2017Boxes, cases, crates of plastic, 2006 - 2017Bags and sacks of polymers of ethylene, 2006 - 2017Bags and sacks of other plastics, 2006 - 2017Bottles, carboys and flasks of plastic, 2006 - 2017Bobbins, spools and cops of plastic, 2006 - 2017Caps, stoppers and lids of plastic, 2006 - 2017Other plastic packaging products, 2006 - 2017
The samples were, however, only taken of water sold in 19-liter carboys and did not include companies that only sold or produced other water items such as small water bottles.
After 9 days all the treatments were filtered through muslin cloth and filtrate was kept secondary fermentation in plastic carboys with air lock/water seal the carbon dioxide developed during fermentation.
The must goes into large glass containers called carboys, commonly used in home brewing and winemaking.
Typically, the tube is longer than your carboys are deep, with a bend at the top.
When the musk, or the pulp, is transferred from the bucket to glass carboys, Peperak lets everyone smell the fermented grapes, which can have a hard smell, he says.
During the 18th and 19th centuries, very large bottles of wine were usually referred to as carboys, irrespective of their actual size, which caused a great deal of consternation.
The setup is fairly simple: a wine-grape crusher, fermenter, carboys for storage, yeast, and testing and bottling supplies.
The snails were transferred to the laboratory (CICIMAR, La Paz) and kept in inverted glass carboys with cut-off bottoms, each filled with 10 L of seawater (salinity: 30 [per thousand] to 34 [per thousand] daily water exchange; temperature range: 21[degrees]C to 23[degrees]C; 12 h light/dark).
Several months later, a truck pulled up and began unloading 5-gallon, widemouthed carboys, each filled with dithizone; 100 pounds had been ordered owing to a clerical error.
I also ate yogurt from a plastic container, had some canned peas and drank a glass of water from one of those five gallon carboys perched atop a cooler.
Louis, Missouri) at 25[degrees]C (77[degrees]F) in 18-L polypropylene carboys.
Cardboard Boxes Plastics Bags; drums and bottles; bottle crates; rigid and semi-rigid containers Paper Sacks and bags Glass Bottles; flasks; carboys, etc.
Systems were devised to make large moldings such as carboys.