carboxylic acid

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4] and DAP) and/or carboxylic acids (COOH) were concurrently added to the soil to achieve a 1:10 w/w soil:solution ratio resulting in a final P concentration of 1 mM, and carboxylic acid concentrations ranging from 0.
Ti(IV) Catalyzed Conversion of Primary Carboxamides to Carboxylic Acids or Esters.
Even though many of the 22 POE oils tested had initially high water or carboxylic acid contents and the majority of the compressor tests were terminated due to severe oil discoloration observed in the sight glass, no copper plating was observed.
We have tried to determine if either the presence of new carboxylic acid end groups or the corresponding molecular weight variations are responsible for the observed effects on the polybutylene terephthalate crystallization kinetics.
Manufacturing the products for more than 70 years, Eastman is a world leader in the production of carboxylic acids for multiple markets, including food and feed, pharmaceutical chemical intermediates, and agriculture.
Egusa and Makauuchi (21) demonstrated that the copolymerization rate of STy and carboxylic acid increases with an increase in the acid monomer content for AA and MAA, whereas for IA, the rate decreases.
However, this expansion is just one of many steps that will ultimately result in a significant increase of Oxea s global carboxylic acid capacities by the end of 2012, said Dr.
The binder layer comprises by weight: 5-30% of a copolymer based on ethylene and one or more comonomers chosen from the group consisting of carboxylic acid esters, vinyl esters and dienes; 40-93% of a stretchable polypropylene, stretchability being defined as the ability of a rod extruded at a temperature of between 190[degrees] C.
On the PNN modelling of estrogen receptor binding data for carboxylic acid esters and organochlorine compounds.
For the carboxylic acid containing polymers tested, inhibition of calcium precipitation required concentrations similar to that used with sequestrants, in contrast to the high efficiencies demonstrated by these same polymers at lower temperatures.
They layer each film with chemical groups, such as carboxylic acid groups.
The Carboxylic Acid units in Oberhausen, Germany, were successfully expanded by another 10 percent of nameplate capacity.
It is comprised of an effective amount of one or more film forming methyl vinyl ethermaleic acid monobutyl or monoethyl ester copolymers comprising neutralind carboxylic acid groups; an effective amount of one or more insect repellents selected from the group consisting of sec-butyl 2-(2-hydroxyethyl) piperidine-1-carboxylate, ethyl N-butyl-N- acetyl-3-aminopropionate, N, N-diethyl-meta-toluarn ide, p-menthane-3,8-diol, and mixtures thereof; an effective amount of one or more water miscible organic solvents selected from the group consisting of ethanol, 1-propanol, isopropanol and mixtures thereof; and water.
Key statement: A tire component including a tire tread that comprises a vulcanized rubber, a rubber filler and a modified rubber, where the modified rubber i) contains pendent or functional groups that contain carboxylic acid or anhydride groups, ii) has pendently grafted thereto a polymerized metal salt of an unsaturated carboxylic acid, or iii) contains both i and ii.
Core-Corona polymeric nanoparticles comprised of polystyrene and plyethylene glycol (PEG) block co-polymers, and carboxylic acid surface functionalities were synthesized using the specific macromomoners in emulsion polymerization.