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Synonyms for carbonyl

a compound containing metal combined with carbon monoxide

relating to or containing the carbonyl group

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Figure 7c is a color map of the carbonyl containing oxidation products, extending from zero (blue) to 2.
Organocatalytic Enantioselective Conjugate Additions of Heteroatoms to an Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds
FTIR spectrums of carbonyl and hydroperoxide regions of PP samples and PPOx are presented in Figs.
Ferralet 90 contains carbonyl iron, which works with the body to regulate absorption at a rate determined by gastric acid production.
The N-H stretching region in FTIR spectra is too complicated to be analyzed for both PU-D and PU-E films, so that earlyzed for both PU-D and PU-E films, so the carbonyl stretching region was chosen for investigation.
Carbonyl Fe powder was approximately two to three times more bioavailable than the H-reduced, Reduced (ATOMET 95SP), and CO-reduced Fe powders, similar to earlier findings (4).
Sohal and his co-workers at Southern Methodist University in Dallas have linked accumulations of protein carbonyl -- a measure of oxidant-induced damage -- with a fly's vitality and life expectancy.
Tenders are invited for Carbonyl Iron 50Mg With Zinc Sulphate Monohyhydrate Usp 61.
A sampling of the 68 procedures turns up a room-temperature non-irradiative synthesis of XeF2, preparing transition metal sulfide fluorides, delocalized lipophilic cations as a source of naked fluoride and phase-transfer catalysts, preparing pentafluorosulfanyl carbonyl compounds, synthesizing original fluoromonomers and their radical co-polymerization with vinylidene fluoride, and the safe synthesis of super-stoichiometric mesoporous fluorocarbons.
Gesheva and colleagues compile research results on different thin film optical coatings fabricated by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) in its classical versions: chloride CVD with a dioxydychloride precursor, and carbonyl CVD with metal hexacarbonyl precursors.
Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA contains 90 mg of carbonyl iron, a higher dose than many prenatal vitamins on the market today.
Modeling the nucleophilic approach after Cram's rule shows that the carbonyl carbon on both esters was not equal in the cis conformation.